1. $5,000, an idea

    Our investing process is designed to close the gap between $0 and $500,000. In Michigan, where a new ecosystem is in its formative stages, we’re turning ideas that would have remained on the back of a napkin into startups.

    Each week we invest $5,000 into a new idea. You’re encouraged to get visitors to the website to endorse your idea. We don’t consider ourselves experts in anything, so endorsements help us decide what to fund.

    Submit your idea See Our Rules See the $5K Contract
  2. $20,000, a project

    Each $5,000 idea has about two months to do something interesting. Then you must return in person to give an update at a public event called Update Night.

    Your update informs the Start Garden team if your project is ready for $20,000.

    Come to the next Update Night Think you should start here?
  3. $50,000 - $100,000, a startup

    The Start Garden team watches the projects closely, and decides whether or not to extend investment. Our approach is to invest in iterative experiments toward a scalable business model.

    More on higher investment levels
  4. $100,000 - $500,000, a scalable business

    At this level, we expect that we’re no longer the only outside investor, but part of a growing network of support around a developing startup.

    More on higher investment levels

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