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Class-Concept Development 101

Join us for regularly scheduled classes and email suggestions for future classes to hello@startgarden.com. Class lessons, instructors, and times are subject to change due to popular demand.

20 available spots | Free for members | $25 for non-members.

Concept Development 101

Tiger Studio will outline the process of the early product development or “Concept Development” and how it relates to engineering, launch, and marketing goals.  You will be guided through a proven process and cover important tenants of a successful product. Luciano Hernandez will use live case studies to emphasize the process.

You will learn:

- Early product research methods and validation
- Product Inspiration
- Competitive Analysis
- Mechanical or package design
- Design Brief
- Form Exploration – Ideation
- Consumer Use Scenarios
- Use of Design Reviews and Critiques
- 2D Form Exploration
- Important attributes of what makes a successful product
- Refinement of concept idea
- Feasibility Studies
- 3D CAD as a tool
- Building a working prototype
- Testing your product/idea
- Preparing for next phase > Engineering, Launch, Marketing
- Hand outs will be provided outlining the important tenants of the Concept Development Process
- Luciano Hernandez, principal of Tiger Studio will present the process

Luciano Hernandez
Founder and Principal of Tiger Studio

Don’t let him fool you—behind Luciano’s friendly smile and quick wit is a keen business sense honed by years of experience. As the fearless leader of Tiger Studio, he heads a diverse team with expertise in design, business, and communication. His passion has established Tiger Studio as a leader in product design, interaction design, and brand strategy, and as a resource for helping businesses grow.

An elected official at 21, an entrepreneur before it was cool, and a board member of Lakeshore Advantage and New North, Luciano has no shortage of life lessons and insights; stories he always enjoys sharing. But don’t be fooled—behind Luciano’s sharp business mind is a quick wit and friendly smile.

Event Information

  • Free / $25.00
  • October 2, 2013
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Start Garden - 50 Louis Ave (1st Floor) Grand Rapids, MI 49503