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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., November 21, 2013 -- Start Garden, the $15,000,000 seed fund that selects individual ideas each week for investments, today announced Rani’s Yummy Granola, a 100 percent natural “on-the-go snack pack,” and Guest Edge LLC, a company that has paid members getting tickets to shows, concerts and sporting events all for free.

The Start Garden management team accepts ideas with potential to become businesses through Each week the Start Garden team selects an idea to receive $5,000. Start Garden can invest in multiple ideas in a given week, and continue to invest up to $500,000 into a single idea.

Ann Arbor-based Rani’s Yummy Granola, which is currently in stores, is the only loose granola product currently offered in the sport bar section, competing against Cliff Bars and other convenience sport foods. The company offers 13 flavors in a distinctly convenient packaging that allows the consumer to easily eat with one hand, eliminating sticky hands and crumbs.

“Rani’s is easy to open, carry, and to eat. We believe it is the first granola snack pack on the market to be offered in such a unique and convenient package,” said Rani Bookvich, creator of Rani’s Yummy Granola. “We believe Rani’s Yummy has the potential to open up national distribution for both the wholeseller and retailer.”

Bookvich will use the $5,000 Start Garden investment to purchase sample packs for promoting her product at the store level and will also do in store demos at each location where her product is sold.

Guest Edge creator Ryan Gauthier describes his idea as combination of and Groupon., which quickly sells unsold tickets to shows and sporting events, is based in Las Vegas and was Gauthier’s first startup company. Building off this idea, Guest Edge members get exclusive access tickets to shows, concerts, and sporting events all for free.

“Gone are the days of people listening to radio commercials, television commercials, and participating in surveys for tickets. We are aware of this and with Start Garden’s help, could be tremendously ahead of everyone else,” says Gauthier. “We are unique in so many ways. One of which is that we allow an extra 4 days for ticket sales and include an event such as a museum visit or a fun night at a wine bar.”

Gauthier says the $5,000 Start Garden investment will go toward finalizing his website and doing final soft runs. He believes this initial investment would make Guest Edge into a company that can start selling tickets to the public very quickly.

Start Garden invests in ideas that can become businesses. The next round of $5,000 investments will be announced Thursday, November 27th. The next Update Night is Thursday, December 19. Learn more about Start Garden events at

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Start Garden is an unconventional venture capital fund that invests in more than a hundred ideas a year in small increments. The program brings financial, intellectual and social capital to ideas at the earliest stage by connecting them to the resources of an entire region. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it is founded by Rick DeVos who’s past projects included ArtPrize, 5x5 Night, Momentum and

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