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Statement from Start Garden

Posted on by Natalie Topalian, filed under Press Releases

Start Garden’s response to events sparked by the death of George Floyd.

America has a race issue. What is happening is rooted in race and has been building for a very long time. Everyone can have different opinions about the effects and effectiveness of the protests, which is normal - but what our community, our state, and nation can no longer afford its differing opinions on what got us here.

However, the immediate sense of chaos is only a step toward entering a new landscape.

  1. Start Garden’s work continues to be about economic opportunities for all. In fact, the protests only amplify what an economy looks like when access to those opportunities is asymmetrical along lines of race.
  2. The new landscape must include opportunities for all entrepreneurs to rethink, reset and build something new.
  3. We must move forward together. Economic Development must focus on robust Ecosystem Building - restructuring the economic systems that have failed to reach and build wealth in most of our communities.

Only six months into 2020, it’s shaping up to be a watershed year. One of those years--like 1619, 1776 or 1968--when all the years that come after it are changed. It’s in our hands to build an equitable economy previous generations have only dreamt about.

As always, we view entrepreneurship and wealth creation as the most important lever to reverse historical marginalization and unlock an incalculable economic resource for the future. Let’s step into the future together.

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