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What’s up at Start Garden?

Posted on by Paul Moore,

What’s up at Start Garden? Thanks for asking! Like all of you, we're at Camp Coronavirus (aka our homes).


You can still submit an idea to 5x5 Night. It’s back in April (even if it’s a virtual version) and $5,000 is up for grabs!

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Tuesday at 2:00PM - Emprendedorx con Start Garden
Grabación en vivo en Zoom. Sobreviviendo como emprendedor durante la crisis del Coronavirus

Wednesday at 7:00PM - Whiskey & Whine with Paul Moore & Darel Ross
Bring a drink and process what’s going on with other entrepreneurs. No webinar topics, no subject matter experts, just the stuff we’d be talking about if we could be at a bar together. (Usually when the best insights happen!)

Thursday at 10:00AM - The Juice with Laurie Supinki
A small group of entrepreneurs from different sectors get real about the highs, lows and freak outs of running a business right now.

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