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Why Start Garden is interested in air quality monitoring

Posted on by Paul Moore, filed under Announcements, Community

Today, M Live Media Group published a story titled, Grand Rapids to invest in air quality monitoring led by biz accelerators that mentions Start Garden and several of our partners.

This pilot program to expand air quality monitoring is part of a broader strategy for tech infrastructure that delivers new value for city government, private enterprise  and community residents, frequently dubbed as just "Smart City."

For city government, the value is the ability to have much more accurate and current data of the air quality in different neighborhoods and how it can respond quickly to problem areas.

For private enterprise, the value is the ability to incubate on top of the city's technology infrastructure. In this case, for a home goods and automotive company to audition products that can make their consumers aware of the quality of air they're breathing and do something about it.

For community residents, they have information needed to become active participants in creating a healthy neighborhood.

This win-win-win strategy is how Start Garden approaches projects that fall under the label Smart Cities or Internet of Things, which is shorthand for when the spaces where we live, work and play are powered by intelligence as much as they are by electricity.

This pilot actually has 10 different parties currently collaborating and contributing in some way to the project, including Start Garden, OST, iServ, Steelcase, Faurecia, Amway, Seamless IoT, University of Michigan, Mobile GR and Environmental Services for the City of Grand Rapids.

Cities that will lead as Smart Cities require fluid working relationships between government, private enterprise and community residents. We hope this effort is one of many where Start Garden can bring together parties from across public and private sectors to deliver new value for everyone involved.

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