Discounted fee for Real Estate appraisals. Save as much as 50% off appraisal services nationwide.

What's the big idea?

Appraisal150 offers home appraisal services at significantly discounted prices. By automating the ordering, delivery, and scheduling process Appraisal150 has been able to lower time spent and overhead costs of each appraisal making it possible to cut cost of services by as much as 50%. This most recent business model has already been live tested for market feasibility and acceptance in the West Michigan area. At present many of Grand Rapids top attorney’s, Realtors, & bankers, consistently refer Appraisal150 to their valued clients.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Online services such as Zillow & CyberHomes. These are online, automated, algorithm based valuations based on publicly available data. You simply cannot estimate a home’s value without seeing it! Homeadvisor is an online referral network that shares some similar characteristics with Appraisal150.

How are you different from that player?

Appraisal150 is a network of many independent licensed appraisers. Our website utilizes common sense tools that put the homeowner in charge throughout the process. These appraisals are full interior/exterior inspections with the same detail, and quality demanded by banks, and our courts.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Many times you may be required to pay for an appraisal on a home (avg cost $350), wouldn’t you prefer to get the same report for half the price? Several alternate revenue streams have also been identified, but only after a functional comprehensive website is created can they be fully explored.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I have been a full time appraiser for 15 yrs, as well as pursued various other entrepreneurial ventures for over 25 yrs.  Since developing Appraisal150, I have made great connections and learned the important early lessons. I have invested over $15,000 of my own income and am willing to invest more.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

Find a reliable, local programmer, to re-design a new website. Re-name/re-brand company to AppraisalSave (better SEO, wider range of appeal). Appraisal150 is already profitable, well received, and has generated a great following in West Michigan. It’s time to introduce Appraisal150 to the nation!

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  1. Scott Alan Packer


    Most people whether they are homeowners or not will someday need a Real Estate appraisal. For several years now,<> has been helping people through difficult times. We have set home listing prices higher than what the homeowner was expecting and hence putting $1,000’s more in their pockets. We have assisted with Estate appraisals easing the minds of siblings left to settle affairs of loved ones. When doing appraisals for personal Bankruptcy’s, one might benefit from saving $150/$200, especially when that family is already strapped for cash…we may very well just save their homes in the process. Want to get rid of PMI insurance? It doesn’t take long to re-coup a $150 fee vs a $350 appraisal fee. Those of you unfortunate enough to be going through a Divorce, these are already difficult enough times, so<> promises to be professional, thorough, and considerate of all parties involved. Endorse this idea now and benefit from doing so in the future. You probably already know somebody who has.

  2. Steve Hulsebus

    Looks like a great idea.

  3. George Laidlaw

    Good for the consumer. 

  4. Cotty Hatch

    Tremendous concept for appraising property. I have recommended Scott at least 30 times in the last 6 months.  The appraisals cost $165.00.  This is a great way to determine value prior to listing or buying Real Estate.  Highly Recommended.

  5. Karla Roebuck

    Scott has performed appraisals at a discounted price for many of my clients needing valuations for estates, divorces, listings, and various other scenarios.  He and Appraisal 150 have come through for me and my clients on many occasions.

  6. Deb Hoekzema Poppen

    Great idea I have used this company many times .

  7. Shawn Crowe-Fletcher

    Awesome idea Scott!  I think its going out to my friends now too!

  8. Jessica Dawson-Will

    Sounds like a cool idea but A. How does it make money if you are charging have price for an appraisal? B. Do you actually have appraisers willing to work for half price? Good luck, I hope it works, My husband and I could have used this service in the past for sure!

  9. Jason DeVries

    I’ve been an appraiser for 15 years and have been working with Appraisal 150 for a couple of months.  The appraisals are quick and easy.  There are no banks breathing down your neck and it feels good to give the consumer a great appraisal at a fantastic price.

  10. Scott Alan Packer


    Hello Mrs Dawson-Will, thank you for your questions.
    A. How do we make money?  answer- Our business model is based on a per assignment referral fee. Our current avg is $22 per assignment. Home Adviser (our closest competitor, but not really) has referral fee’s ranging from $12 / $17. Based on our most recent 12 month averages if extrapolated statewide, and then again nationwide, the numbers are very intriguing. B. Will appraisers work at a discounted rate?...answer- That was a concern of ours as well. We knew the consumer end business was available but could we find appraisers to except and complete the assignments? In one week when we launched the original site we had 47 appraisers in Michigan and Ohio. Since that time we have added appraisers in Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Indiana. So yes, appraisers welcomed the additional business and saw the benefit of tapping this, before Appraisal150, untapped market. Thank you Jessica for what i hope was your endorsement. And please don’t forget us next time you need an appraisal.

  11. Robert Raff

    Spending a lifetime in the Mortgage/Real Estate industry, I can tell you this is a awesome idea with a great guy and team behind it!  We wish you the best of luck!! 


  12. Tommy Maurer

    Having spent 16 years in the mortgage business I have known and worked with Scott for my entire career. I highly recommend him, his company and this idea. Scott is hard working, caring and very passionate about the business. To all my Facebook friends and family members please help me in supporting Scott for funding from Start Garden. Take a few minutes jump online and endorse this idea. Please! It only takes a few minutes!! He truly deserves to take this thing to the next level and with the funding from Start Garden it will give him not only the funds but the exposure he needs to help more individuals like you and me. Spread the love people!! You may need his help at some point when you buy or sell your home. Good luck Scott and I hope those at Start Garden can truly see the benefits of this awesome service and provide you with what you need!

  13. Roy W. Pleger

    I have been in the real estate business for many years, we have been using with all of our clients and we are just delighted with the response our clients have had to say about the folks at  Saving hundreds of dollars with real professionals who are truly West Michigan. All the Best !

  14. Paula Garza

    I have heard through several business contacts that this service has benefited hem in several aspects. They have all been given excellent service and saved large amounts of money.  I plan on purchasing real estate myself in the the next 6mo. and will be utilizing this company!!!!!

  15. Alice Stanley

    I heard of this great idea from a friend. I am a retired educator and I know I will want to take advantage of this service in the future when I sell my house. It sounds like a great way for me to save money and still receive a top notch service. Alice Stanlet

  16. Stephanie Collins

    I have used this service and highly recommend it.  it was truly and helpful. plus, it saved me some money!

  17. Jean Eady Uhl

    Seemed too good to be true, but it wasn’t. Our appraiser, Amy, was very thorough and considerate. Help these guys out Start Garden!

  18. Scott Alan Packer


    Clarification on question from Mrs Dawson-Will. “Will appraisers be willing to work at lower fee’s”. I felt it necessary to expand slightly on my answer to that question. I stated that we basically have 50 + appraisers in our network at the present time. Although we did have that number within our system who had signed up and were willing to do work, currently only the West Michigan market has appraisers handling our local demand. All other appraisers in the network are sitting idle due to our website limitations. The site just never worked consistently enough that i felt we could roll out on a larger scale. Our current website has/had a great deal of custom written code, and very unique features. Although it worked quite well in the beginning now it is basically a blinking box. I have had many programmers tell me that it’s best to start over. This business is turn-key and could be launched on a much larger scale within 120 days. There are a lot of houses out there and Appraisal150 has created a new market to reach them all!

  19. Jessica Suzanne

    Great idea! Used him and recommended this to friends as well. Good luck!

  20. Michael Smith

    Who wouldn’t want to save some fees when buying/selling a home? An inexpensive way for someone looking to deal with local township/city regarding property taxes where you have to provide proof about the value of your home. Great idea!

  21. Bill Genovich

    I found Appraisal 150 when i lived in Colorado working as an Account Executive for a national lender, awesome company, great response and user friendly website . My clients have saved thousands of dollars on appraisal fees over the years. After moving to Grand Rapids a few years ago I have met the owner and I’m impressed with the vision for this company. The entire real estate and lending communities could benefit from giving these guys a chance.

  22. Sarah May Knuth

    It a great idea.

  23. Eric VomSteeg

    Good job Scott. I fun to see a project that you have been working on so long get noticed and make sense.

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