Art for the Soul

A mobile paint-your- own-pottery studio, where the fun comes to you!

What's the big idea?

It’s time for the closet artists to make her their way to the living room! Our plan is to create a mobile paint-your-own-pottery studio, so you can be creative and have fun with your friends and family at your own pace and in your own space. Whether you want to entertain or just need a creative outlet, we will help by offering tips, ready kits, parties, and packages galore.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There is a paint-your-own pottery studio in Bay City, about 30 minutes away from our home base location.  This is a permanent studio, they do not a offer mobile services or in-home parties.  There is no local competition that offers the services we plan to offer.

How are you different from that player?

Unlike traditional paint-your own-pottery studios, we will come to you. We deliver, pick up, fire, and re-deliver.  This allows customers from all over the area an opportunity to have some creative fun, without the hassle of having to travel back to a studio to pick up their product.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Eventually, we will open a studio space in Frankenmuth that patrons can visit to glaze pottery. We will always continue to offer our mobile services, as well as establish the studio that will feature other art classes.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Sarah has a degree in Art Education and has been teaching for 8 years. She has a wealth of knowledge in several facets of art and ceramics. Tricia, also a creative gal, brings to the table plenty of business knowledge as well as fun and unique ideas.  Together we are the perfect team!

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

With the $5,000, we will purchase a kiln and launch our business.  We plan to have several party “packages” available for customers offering non-traditional bridal showers, birthday parties, and more!  Our goal is to bring out the inner artist in everyone–after all, art fuels the soul!

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  1. Toni Crandall Scribner

    This sounds like a great idea Sarah.  I’ll definitely be paying it a visit..or two…or fifty! :)

  2. Jamie Schluckbier Strauss

    Count me in ladies!  This is a super idea!

  3. Mary Spaulding

    Hope you do this…I love glazing relaxing!

  4. Amy Baldwin

    Sounds like so much fun!

  5. Kim Kern

    This is a wonderful idea!!!! You could even make it a “girls night in”!!!

  6. Lindsay Ferrell

    Genius! :)

  7. Heather Toyzan

    Please vote for my sister and cousin Tricia’s new business venture!

  8. Ellen Bierlein

    Love this idea!!!

  9. Courtney Owens

    Love this idea!! Please take a moment and endorse this.

  10. Mandy Lubaczewski

    Good Luck Girls!

  11. Jamie Furbush

    Good Luck!!  Great idea for an at home party for the kids while the moms are having their at home parties too!

  12. Amy McGlothlin

    Endorsed from HydeParkHome :) I hope you get it.  It sure would be nice to have a decent pottery place near by.

  13. Kelly Marie

    Awesome idea ladies!

  14. Emily Schaub

    :) Sounds Awesome!

  15. Becki Anderson

    Please vote for my friends Sarah and Tricia!

  16. Jennifer Ellison

    Two very talented girls with a great idea. Proud of you both!!  Would love to see this happen for you!!

  17. Tom Middlin

    Good luck ladies!  Great idea.

  18. Alicia Barber Gehrs

    What a fun and awesome idea!

  19. Melissa Rau

    Great idea!! Good luck!!!

  20. Ellen Bierlein

    Great idea!!!

  21. Amy Schmitzer-Arnold

    Love this!!!  =)

  22. Amy Schmitzer-Arnold

    Please help them win!  Such a cute idea!

  23. Shelina N Tarryl Inches

    Please vote!! Awesome idea. Sarah deserves to win!!!

  24. Jenna Lynch

    Awesome idea, sounds like a blast!!

  25. Samantha Matthews

    Awesome idea!! Keep voting these two deserve it! :)

  26. Edna Wilder

    Sounds like fun for all ages.

  27. Kathy Williams Meyer

    You know it is fun when the kids walk in the house and ask what craft they get to do!  Pottery is something most of us don’t have access to and the kids (of all ages) LOVE it!  Go girls - get this up and running full tilt!!

  28. Greg Hall

    Great Idea.  Best of Luck

  29. Dianne Lynne Hackett

    It’s a nice way to keep your kids and special thoughts alive forever!

  30. Samantha Roedel Schalk

    I love this idea! There is a gap in the market for something like this and you two would be perfect!

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