Baby Cruize-n-Snooze

A car ride simulator designed to calm a crying or colicky baby.

What's the big idea?

A “Snooze Cruise” is what parents call a late night car ride that is designed to calm a crying child.  It works, but it’s still tiresome for the parents.  This design is a simulator that connects to the baby’s infant car seat carrier.  It shimmies and hums like a car traveling down the road.  It puts baby to sleep and allows parents to rest at home.  It is convenient to use, comfortable for the baby and the simulation of the car ride is designed to be authentic. The Baby Cruize-n-Snooze is intended to solve the sleep issue and these additional challenges resulting in more enjoyable parenting.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The closest simulator is the Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother.  It is intended for children 0-6 months old.

How are you different from that player?

Our device is designed to use the baby’s existing infant car seat. The vibration component is intended to work well regardless of the child’s position in the seat. It also allows the parent to transport the child once he is sleeping and can be used as long as the child fits their infant carrier.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Parents know that babies often need a “Snooze Cruise”.  With this product, both baby and parents get sleep, and it happens at home.  In addition, the child’s existing car seat is used so baby can be easily moved back to wherever is needed.  Sleeping Baby + Rested Parents = Happy Family!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I’ve endured the sleepless nights and late night drives with each of my 3 children. I know what parents need.  I’ve worked in various aspects of marketing, personnel and business development. My current role at a small business has allowed me to assist in its sizeable growth from 2 locations to 9.

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  1. Tony DiLaura

    I remember those nights…how nice it would have been to have a Baby Cruize-n-Snooze.

  2. Jennifer VanTol

    Sweet!  Oh how we would have loved to have had this when our triplets were babies!  Good luck!

  3. Susan Bailey

    What a fabulous idea! We would’ve loved this when our kids were babies. :)

  4. Elisa Payment Rush

    We would have love this but my sister could still use it!  Good Luck!

  5. Jill DeJager

    This is a great idea and I appreciate the economical benefits as this would save gas money.  We have taken some LONG car rides over the years and wasted a lot of gas!  With the price of gas, this device would pay for itself over time.  In addition, exhausted parents should NOT be driving around in the middle of the night.  While my husband was out driving for an hour with our baby, I was home worring that he was going to fall asleep and get in an accident.  Baby Cruise and Snooze is the perfect solution.

  6. Shane Jordan

    This could be a good idea if it was inexpensive enough.  We never had this issue with our kids but I definitely had friends that did.  I wonder, is it just the humming/vibration that soothes the baby or is it the whole car experience (the motion, darkness of night, being in a smaller area then their room)?

  7. Scott DeVries


    Thanks everyone for your responses and support.

    Shane, thanks and I agree regarding the pricepoint.  The intent with the prototype will be to keep things as inexpensive as we can.  I do believe the experience for the child is part of the effectiveness.  That’s the beauty of this design.  Parents can taylor make the experience for the child based on their position or placement.  Some babies need to be in their room to be comfortable, some only sleep in their car seats initially because of reflux issues, some need darkness and can be placed in a dark room.  We look forward to taking the next step in the process!

    Less that 24 hours left!  Please endorse!

  8. Jon Dodge

    I am a parent of twin girls.  I would have shelled out tons of cash if it worked as promised.  I remember buying the $200+ baby rocker because it has a car function on it, however it didn’t do a great job of mimicking the car ride.  I have no idea what it is with driving kids in a car, but it is absolutely the truth!

  9. Claire Evelyn McGinn

    As a parent of 3 children as well, I totally understand the appeal of this product, but it does concern me.  Babies are not supposed to be left sleeping in their car seats.  There is obviously the flat-head issues, but being kept in such a cramped position for prolonged periods causes the spine to come out of alignment and the rebreathing increases risk of SIDS.

  10. Scott DeVries


    Thanks for your post Claire.  Your concerns are valid.  Pediatricians agree that healthy children are safe sleeping in their car seats.  That said, it is not the intent of the designers of this product to encourage parents to have their children sleep in their car seats all the time.  Back sleeping is certainly promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and we agree.  This product should be thought of as a tool to assist with sleeping or calming a child, not unlike a baby swing.  We understand that some premature babies can have breathing issues if in a car seat for extended periods of time, so parents should use good judgment.  Proper seated position of the child is also necessary and the responsibility of the parent.  This device is intended to be an adjunct to parenting and not a substitute for it.  So, like you, we strongly encourage child safety and involved parents.

  11. Marva Brummel Lubben

    Sounds like the next best thing to being held by grandma!

  12. Michael Malhotra

    I looked into this exact same idea a couple years ago and found the same patent posted by Will above.  It is a surprisingly far-reaching patent and it seems unlikely the patent holder is going to be passive in defending it.  Scott, let me know your thoughts when you get a chance.  A couple years ago, I thought of this idea while endlessly driving our 3 month old around to get him to sleep.  Now, we’re coming up against the same thing with our 2nd son, but he seems to prefer a bumpy stroller ride.  No reason the cruise-n-snooze couldn’t simulate that motion also.  Another thing I want to point out.  This product will be difficult to make inexpensive if it is done right.  For that reason, I think your closest competitor would the mama roo and not the fisher price motion soother.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on November 01, 2012.