Bread Breakers

Bread Breakers is an urban clothing company and lifestyle empire.

What's the big idea?

Bread Breakers is an urban clothing company and lifestyle empire founded on the principles of prosperity and sharing wealth within the community. We are a collective of artists and creators working together to achieve something bigger than us as individuals – from the start we have supported each others efforts, and collaborated on projects by offering our unique talents. The clothing is the product – the company is the lifestyle. Through branding with Bread Breakers, individuals are identifying themselves as one of us. We collaborate with artists. We create. We share wealth. #PROSPER

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are a handful of other streetwear companies that people are currently supporting - local boutiques are filled with clothing from New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. We’re trying to bring a similar movement here - we’re building local while dreaming global.

How are you different from that player?

We are different because we are MORE than just a clothing company. We are a collective of artists (musicians, filmmakers, designers, promoters, etc.) collaborating and branding ourselves as one . We support each others unique efforts - when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Art and culture are essential to the growth of a community. We’re attempting to contribute to the Grand Rapids fashion and music scenes by headquartering here, but working with national artists. Our line mixes street fashion with high fashion - we’re showing people how to do more with less.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I took a chance, and attempted to follow my dreams. I’m working with the right people creating clothes, directing videos, and building a network. I never quit - I drink more coffee than any human should consume, but it’s because I don’t sleep, and my mind never shuts off. My life is my work.

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  1. Nick Costello

    Bread breakers is my kind of style. I’ll endorce it all day long

  2. Steve Terry

    I love Bread Breakers clothing.

  3. Bill Brock

    I love what you guys are doing Vic!  Keep up the great work, and you have mine and Brockfolio’s Endorsement!

  4. Andy Madeleine


    THANK YOU to everyone who has endorsed. We’re trying to do something fresh, headquartered out of Grand Rapids. We believe that we’ve got the tools to become the next big street wear company, we just need your support. We’ve got a gang of artists - musicians, filmmakers, promoters, designers, and photographers, all working together to create both a product and a movement. Grand Rapids has yet to see a street wear company launched into the national sphere- we’re one step away. If you’ve yet to view our movement, please visit
    {Share Wealth} {Prosper} #SinceTheBeginning

  5. Kim Madeleine

    Breadbreakers clothing crosses all generations.  The designs and philosophy are groundbreaking and I look forward to seeing more new products in the future.

  6. Crystal Hilliard

    I love the concept of Bread Breakers.  When one of us wins, we all win.

  7. Felina Guerrero

    This is such an amazing idea and positive thing to bring in to our community. I am more than happy to endorse/support this by rocking their clothing!!!

  8. Kirsten Sanderson

    cute clothes!

  9. Andy Madeleine


    Thank you for your continued support! There isn’t a company like ours here - we’re trying to bring urban style and culture to life in Grand Rapids, and we’re only one step away. We have a TON we’d like to achieve and we have access to the necessary avenues, we just need a bit of funding to give us an extra push. We greatly appreciate your endorsements, and are looking forward to sharing our art with you.

  10. Gabrielle F. Bechard

    LOVE breadbreakers!

  11. Tonio So Fly

    God Bless!!!

  12. Jp Pinckney

    Atta boy! Get after it Andy!

  13. Larry Figures

    Creating fashion shouldn’t be so complex, especially when these garments are so unique/fresh!! I’m hoping that we can create more local support to represent what’s representing us!!

  14. Kamau Williams

    For what it stands for and represents,I will always support

  15. facebook100002721759404

    Love the idea!!! if you want to add a business lawyer from GR to the team, call me! 1-888-917-8387,

  16. Mitchell Prahl

    Why wear generic clothing like Abercrombie or Hollister, when you can wear something unique like Bread Breakers. Full support. Everyone should endorse this.

  17. Jon Dodge

    This reminds me of the clothing line in the HBO show Made in America.  Did that show get canceled? :)  I like the designs, but how do you break through in an ultra competitive market?

  18. Andy Madeleine


    Thank you for your interest Jon. Any creative market is competitive. We’ve got a great network of artists and supporters and are constantly expanding. We market through music video collaborations, interviews, events, etc. This is only our first line- with more funding we will be able to supply cut & sewn and custom manufactured pieces of all types (tops, bottoms, hats, accessories). We have the drive and passion to succeed, and are willing to take a chance. I’m only 24 and a year out of college, and I have a lot of ambition. To have our company succeed would be a dream come true, and Start Garden could really help us head in the right direction!

  19. Will Blackmon

    Get your bread with bread breakers One!

  20. Jason E Truschke

    I’m rockin my bread breakers gear in the city of Chicago. Spreading the word. BOSS!

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