A new way to measure the world. Cara is software that turns any camera into an intelligent sensor.

What's the big idea?

Cara is software that turns any camera into an intelligent sensor.  Cara can anonymously gather gender, age, attention time and even emotions across multiple people simultaneously. Privacy by design, Cara doesn’t record video or images and does not collect personal information.

Cara does main two things.
1. Provides real time anonymous audience demographic data from real world environments using a standard web camera.
2. Enables new methods of interacting with objects and spaces allowing for trigger events based on number of people, age, gender, attention time, distance and more.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Intel AIM is an audience measurement software, requires moderate CPU and costs $20 per camera.
NEC Field Analyst is a face detection software. Costs $800 per location.
Euclid Analytics measures mobile phone traffic in the real world gathers MAC addresses and costs ~$200/location.

How are you different from that player?

Cara is as easy to install as Skype. It is the most robust audience analytics solution available. Cara uses a basic web cam, low cost PCs and installs in 5 mins.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Cara is available for $39/mo per camera. Users download the application from our website. Cara is a monthly recurring service.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

IMRSV is a Techstars NY company and was named one of the 25 Hot Tech Startups to Watch in NYC by Business Insider in 2011. Our backgrounds include computer vision, machine learning, advertising, media research, analytics and human computer interaction.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?


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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on February 24, 2013. Since then...

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