Buy or Rent Movies & Earn Cash Back to Buy Movie Tickets & Concessions at Your Local Movie Theater!

What's the big idea?

“CinePerks lets you access movie rentals and streaming content from all your favorite providers (Amazon, Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, etc.) directly from a single website.  Plus, for every movie you watch at home, you earn cash back to buy movie tickets and concessions at your local theater!”

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest player in this field is Disney Movie Rewards. DMR’s model is to “Get Rewarded for Enjoying Disney Movies and Music.”  Customers get points for buying Disney Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, and theater tickets, which they can use to redeem rewards for Disney branded products.

How are you different from that player?

Disney Movie Rewards only offers rewards for products branded by Disney.  CinePerks will offer rewards for all the major film studios’ products, provide access to streaming and rental content from a single website, and allow customers to redeem their cash back for movie theater tickets.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

We’ll link to streaming and rental content from our website to the providers of that content directly. Once we’ve built up a user community we’ll use the partnership we’ve established with Lionsgate to stream our own content. In either case, we’ll offer rewards for users to redeem at local theaters.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Our team already has important strategic relationships. We’re persistent (having already pivoted a few times based on market feedback), driven and well-positioned to grow this business.  It’s our purpose in life!

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

To test the model on a small scale, in a controlled environment, we’ll work with Family Video (a national video rental chain) to offer their customers in a targeted geographic area a $5 gift card for AMC Theaters with the rental of a third movie.

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  1. Terri Nicole

    I just endorsed this creative idea. Good luck Philip!

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    Love the idea! looking forward to hearing more about this and how it works.
    Best of Luck Philip!

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    Good luck brother in law!

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    Pray u win Philip

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    Im glad to help you out Phillip!!!

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    I got your back cuz. Hope you win!

  8. Nathan Liverman

    Phillip! This is a wonderful idea man. Thanks for letting me know about this, I am happy to support your endeavors!

  9. Sharron R Wright

    Congratulations,Phil, ball out!!!

  10. Mocha Le

    I send Blessings…It’s “Harvest Time”...

  11. Kaleara Perfect

    Snatch the brass ring Bro!!

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    Make it happen

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    I endorsed this idea.

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    Best wishes :)

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    Best of luck, Bra!

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    Great things are coming! God Bless!!!

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    Hi Phil! Best wishes for Cineperks!

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    Favor!! Congratulations, Phillip!

  22. Michael Sullivan

    God be with you, you are a WINNER!

  23. Dr-Marlon Moss Jr

    It’s already done

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    May God continue to bless your ideas.

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    Great Idea!!! The Blessings of the Lord be upon you in Jesus Name!

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    endorse this idea

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  30. Niecey Caldwell

    If man can make money off of people, surely a Godly man will have a Godly Ideal that will prosper! Keep the faith and never doubt and its yours so I will just say Congrat!

  31. Jared Torrence

    seriously, this is a great idea, praying for you!

  32. Darrell L. Dawson Sr.

    Praying for you my Brother, with God All things are possible!  Darrell

  33. Anthony Jones

    May God always continue to bless you, and family

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    Endorsed - GOD BLESS !!

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    Great idea!
    You are a winner!!
    Family first!

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    God has your back
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This idea was funded by public endorsement on May 30, 2013.