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What's the big idea?

Growing up, remember when the Circus came to town?  We had to go for the visual excitement, for the smells, the tastes, to be transported to places in our minds we had never been before. 

Circuses of the Mind will do all the above and more. 

The basics: 
> A series of theme based topics focusing on critical issues of today
> A traveling unique architectural structure
> A multimedia experience with music, video, photos, audience interaction

The business model: free to enter, supported by a marketplace/ bazaar, a pop-up cafe/coffee bar, admission based films, lectures and music events

Describe the nearest player in your field.

We draw inspiration from two complementary sources; Ted Talks and Cirque du Soleil. Ted Talks which stimulates critical thinking and Cirque du Soleil with its thematic visual storytelling.
Parallel to these enterprises, we will stand on our own as an event experience unlike any to be found today.

How are you different from that player?

Our first themed installation:  FACING AL AQABA will explore the world’s most protracted conflict, that between Israelis and Palestinians.  The multimedia installation will feature portraits and histories of all 300 of Al Aqaba village.  It will be the springboard for a broad discussion of the topic

How does this idea scale into a big business?

We can grow exponentially. 

The business model; think web site economics.  Start with a basic package free to experience, offer multiple premium services and ancillary products; a market, coffee bar, etc.
1st year..1 circus…12 cities
2nd year…2 circuses…24 cities
Growing based on cash flow

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We are an international team of Americans, Israelis, Palestinians, and Brits.  We come from backgrounds in journalism, video production, art, design, and public sector administration.  The project director is Maurice Jacobsen, a GR native,  a media professional with 40 years of hands-on experience,

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

The sum will go a long way.  Using in-kind and donated services, it will go to buy materials for mounting an installation for ArtPrize.

This will be our test bed.  We, of course, will not be able to actualize our entire vision, no enterprise premiums will be available, but much will be possible

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  1. Tom McAfee

    An ambitious and noble project, strikes me as do-able and worthy of funding and attention—best of luck!

  2. Sam Bahour

    I encourage all to cast their vote for this project…5 days left.

  3. Marilyn Sutton Loos

    A great way to show off a culture through its human beings in a creative setting.

  4. Muge Muguette

    A brilliant Project by dedicated people…. it definitely worths funding.  It is a very effective way to show that we, as human beings, really have to do something to end the the conflicts surrounding our World. And awareness is just a beginning! I hope it gets all votes!

  5. Kali Rubaii

    This is a great way of reconfiguring space to teach, and having lived in Al Aqaba village, I love the idea of these families having a creative space to share their stories.

  6. Heather Wendt

    Maurice, my mom, Margaret Ferguson Booras (EGR Class of 62) sent me your story and idea - what a great undertaking! I also posted on our Agency site as well - :-) Good luck with the project!

  7. Pam Baldwin

    Superb idea.  Fostering this kind of communication is the ultimate “pay it forward”.

  8. Robert Wolf

    A fascinating idea, the kind that we, as a culture, desperately need. This makes issues tangible and intelligible. It gives voice to the voiceless. This project must be funded.

  9. Peggy LaCerra

    Wonderful project, Maurice!  I’ve posted this on facebook and am encouraging me friends to endorse your efforts here.  Be well and safe!  Love, Peggy

  10. Donna Baranski-Walker

    Remarkable stories to tell, remarkable project!  Let’s host it in San Francisco and here in San Mateo too!

  11. Jan Van Dyke

    What a great idea! 
    I have always been interested and concerned about this conflict.  This idea will keep people on the outside engaged and more importantly informed. 

    The idea of this being kickstarted at our Artprize 2013 is brilliant!  I can see this spreading like wildfire around the world because this ongoing conflict effects everyone!  The products that are going to be presented and sold remind me of the FAIRTRADE concept that has now spread throughout the world doing so much to contribute to their particular cause. 

    My hope is that this grassroots effort will spread like wildfire,  and once and for all be a large part of putting this conflict in the dustbin of history where it belongs!

  12. Hal Smith

    The music is awesome. Good project.

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on May 09, 2013.