Ditch the dump! A new curbside recycling service for food, paper, yard & pet waste for composting.

What's the big idea?

Organicycle’s Curbside Composting is the next evolution of waste & recycling for West Michigan - one of America’s top sustainable regions.  Our “Ditch the Dump” campaign offers residents and businesses the opportunity to divert organic waste such as food, paper, yard and pet waste out of the local landfill, and into renewable processes such as composting and waste-to-energy generation. 

These four materials make up the 65% of household waste stream, so when residents and businesses use Organicycle with standard recycling (glass, metal, plastic) they can be landfill free.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Currently companies like Waste Management and Republic/Allied do not offer curbside composting or organic waste recycling to businesses and residents in West Michigan. The Grand Rapids market includes one other organic waste company.

How are you different from that player?

Organicycle is the only organic waste service provider to offer curbside composting to residents and businesses, and we will never take a profit from landfill service.  Our revolutionary cart service replaces dumpsters and bins, provides better efficiencies and keeps your waste out of the landfill.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Organicycle has identified multiple revenue streams, including service fees, renewable energy production and agriculture feed, as well as retail sales of compost & fertilizer. Once fully developed, Organicycle will expand this revolutionary waste model into additional markets.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

For nearly 18-months Organicycle’s owners have devoted time, energy and capital into developing a clean, affordable and familiar service that will replace America’s outdated linear waste model.  We believe in the “Triple Bottom Line”, and have a mission to never profit from landfill service.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

With Start Garden’s $5,000 investment, Organicycle will develop a strong residential program in the Grand Rapids market. Funding will be used to purchase additional curbside carts and to operate a pick-up service route.

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  1. Amanda Rose Klein

    I’m happy to have this business serve my school

  2. Jason Schemmel

    Love the idea. If you want any help with smaller projects to get this off the ground, visit my StartGarden funded business, ENTRPRSR and I can help you out =)

  3. Erin Skidmore

    We have been using this service since October and love it!

  4. Lynn Iacopelli

    We have been using this service for a few weeks and love it!

  5. Kaitlyn Disselkoen

    Great service!  This should be done all over the US.  It is pretty cool that Organicycle/GR has the jump on a service that is common practice around the globe.

  6. Tim House

    Great idea & i hear from others it’s easy, convenient ... and works! Anything that can be done to divert trash from, well ... trash, ya know? Glad to hear someone is putting their time & energy behind it.

  7. Ellie Frey

    I love this idea!!

  8. Mike Summers

    When I was a kid growing up I wanted to be a garbage man because they only worked on Thursdays.  This is even better.  I could work on just Thursday and recycle.  I am in.

  9. Wendy S Everin

    When innovation meets positive impact, a company like Organicycle is born.  Awesome business idea! I hope this wins! Not only does it make sense for the customers & the company- but for our planet & future generations.

  10. Chris Hamm

    We’ve only been using the service for two weeks but is has been great!  Between Organicycle and the city recycling I’m not sure when the next time I’ll have to actually put the trash out will be. My guess is once every 2-3 months. Maybe less if I haul my butt over to Treehuggers. Since Organicycle is taking everything that rots odor isn’t any issue.

  11. Alessandra Musiani Bianchi

    We need this in Holland as well ... Best of luck for the your future and for the future of our environment!

  12. Grant Vermeer

    Get ready! This idea is going to take off and revolutionize the waste industry. What an AWSOME idea!! Best of luck!

  13. Justin Swan


    Thanks to all our supporters out there.  Hoping this is our week, but we’ll stay with on Start Garden regardless.  Residents and businesses are loving this program!!!

  14. Ina DeMoor

    We’ve been using Organicycle for a year now and it is GREAT. Highly recommend it.

  15. Nichole Smith


    What does Organicycle look like in an urban setting? Condo buildings, etc.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on February 21, 2013. Since then...

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