Detroit Glass House To Go

Collaborative and Mobile Glass Design & Production Art Studio

What's the big idea?

Detroit Glass House is on a mission to update the story of the traditional glass blowing studio. Replacing conventional settings with a collaborative mobile design studio and educational facility. Detroit Glass House’s goal is to bring transparency and accessibility to a previously elite and challenging medium by;

a. collaborating with local designers, artist, entrepreneurs & inventors to develop high-end glass design in a mulch-disciplinary arena.

b. offering classes & demonstrations that focus on sculptural & modern glass processes

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Metro Detroit has a handful of small private production glass studios some of which offer traditional glass classes. While there are no true mobile glass blowing facilities in Metro Detroit, a local studio does set up an off site facility during renaissance festivals and craft fairs.

How are you different from that player?

- collaborations & demonstrations
- taking 18 years of training and making it accessible to an idea
- contemporary and interdisciplinary approach to a glass production studio
- can turn any cocktail napkin drawing into fruition
- is mobile
- can turn off at will, saves $

How's the world different with your idea in it?

By taking historical craft and blending it with modern design & production processes we hope to find new value for craftsmanship in the 21st century. By sharing it with others we hope it provides transparency and accessibility to an otherwise inaccessible medium, glass.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Detroit Glass House consists of motivated & experienced individuals holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a combine 18 years experience. We are looking to explore the un-tapped potential of a medium through collaborations, accessibility & public demonstrations.

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  1. Andrea Oleniczak



  2. Chuck Jager

    Knowing Andrea’s skill in teaching glassblowing techniques, organizing and maintaining a glass studio that was in disarray, and her passion for this craft, I’d say this venture is sure to be a success in Detroit. And it’s a novel concept where costs can be kept down, and location becomes less relevant because the studio can be mobile. What I great idea! I wholeheartedly endorse this venture! Best wishes! Beth Herbert

  3. Brandy Kennedy Koch

    Way to go guys!! Mobility is an amazing, cost saving, new idea for glass and I LOVE it!! Taylor and Andrea are both AMAZING artists and help bring that little ray of sunshine to Detroit that is the only light keeping the city warm at night!! Cant wait to hire you two to do glass-blowing demos at my kids B-Day parties!! Mucho love to them and this wonderful idea!! PLEASE ENDORSE!!

  4. Andrea Oleniczak


    Thank you for your support!

  5. Chris McGraw

    Something in a cave, could be brought out into the light. this idea aims to illuminate a historic and contemporary art, removed of all boundaries. education should be universal and these two know it. support their idea

  6. Henry James Haver Crissman

    I know all of these people, and I would like to vouch for their stellar abilities, bright minds, solid morals, and outstanding work ethics. I do completely believe in their project’s cause, and its real potential to spread and advance knowledge, love, and creativity to a broad spectrum of people. I also imagine this new capability to work, make, and share outside of the traditional hot glass studio setting, will facilitate new concepts and possibilities as these talented artists continue to advance the field of glass art.
    Good luck guys! This sounds like a really great project, and I hope you get lots of money to make it happen! :)

  7. April Wagner

    good luck! sounds exciting

  8. Andrea Oleniczak


    Endless thank you’s for your time and kind words!

  9. Kathy Fleeger Briggeman

    Great idea.  Good luck!

  10. Wes Hunting

    I have worked with both Taylor and Andrea, both are highly motivated and passionate about what they do. Great concept!

  11. José N Vera

    Best of Luck in this endeavor—let’s get some votes :)

  12. Brit Hamlin

    superrr excited for this!!  you both work your ass off and deserve to be rewarded… good luck!  :D

  13. Brittany Thomasson

    This is great—help support CCS alumni by voting for Detroit Glass House to Go!

  14. Andrea Oleniczak


    Thanks again to everyone who came out of the woodwork to endorse Detroit Glass House!

    We were in Grand Rapids yesterday meeting with Start Garden’s all start team. What a refreshing change of work environment to have our idea questioned and challenged before we embark on the next three months of work.  To share our progress in real time ‘like’ Detroit Glass House on Facebook {}. We loved downtown Grand Rapids, so much so we will be back on Friday for dinner to meet with our first local designer. It’s round two of discussions, questions and challenges to get us on the right start. We’ve got a lot to offer, now it’s time to streamline it!

    Keep checking for posts and don’t forget to keep voting for other ideas!!


    We were in Grand Rapids yesterday to meet Start Garden’s all star team. What a refreshing change of work environment to have our motives questioned and challenged before we embark on the next 3 months of work! You can follow updates here or ‘like’ Detroit Glass House on facebook to see more

  15. Andrea Oleniczak


    oops, duplicate text! That’s OK, we’d say it a thousand times.

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on June 14, 2012.