A website that connects entrepreneurial ideas with skills to get them past roadblocks.

What's the big idea?

Entrepreneurs come across challenges along the way all the time. They need a model/prototype, a website, a video made, etc. These require skills that they may not have. My website will allow entrepreneurs to post specific tasks they need completed. Current students (technology or engineering), who are studying that field, can offer to assist. Whether or not they decide compensation is up to them, I am simply bridging the gap between the two. This way, the idea moves along beyond the challenges and the students gain valuable experience to put on a resume or a portfolio before they graduate.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are many job posting sites: MichWorks, Monster, HotJobs, CraigsList, etc. But these involve businesses looking for labor. ENTRPRSR deals specifically with startups looking for assistance on a task and students looking for experience in their field of study.

How are you different from that player?

I deal specifically with entrepreneurs and students. I’ve had an idea, a smart phone app, that I got stuck on. I don’t know the coding to put it together, so I sat on it and it never developed. With ENTRPRSR, I can post that task and have a student help me who knows how to do it.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Many ideas stall because they come across a challenge that they can’t get through by themselves and can’t afford a professional. The result is that the idea dies out and never sees completion. ENTRPRSR will help bridge the gap between those with the challenges and those with the skills to do it.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I’ve been there before, where I had an idea fizz out because I came across a obstacle I couldn’t get through. I didn’t have funds to hire someone, so I sat on it and the idea died. There are many ideas out there looking for help and many students looking for experience and work, I want to help both.

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  1. Celia Bogans

    You say this is closest to  But isn’t it just as close to any job posting site like, CareerBuilder, or even CraigsList?

  2. Jason Schemmel


    Celia, yes it is fairly close to any job posting site. I wanted to keep it in a local aspect and that’s why I chose ENTRPRSR’s different because it is assisting a specific market: entrepreneurs with start-ups and students. Entrepreneurs get the help they need to keep their idea going while students gain valuable experience to build a foundation for their portfolio/resume.

  3. Brian Falther

    Check out - they haven’t launched yet, but it may be a site for you to keep an eye on.

  4. Jason Schemmel


    Thanks for the heads up, Brian! =)

  5. Shane Jordan

    Is this kind of like, but focused on more regionally and with students that are taking on the tasks?

  6. Jason Schemmel


    Shane, the structure is very similar to oDesk, but we focus on helping start-ups and using students as the help; as opposed to people posting their profile and how much they’re asking to be compensated. ENTRPRSR is looking to help students begin their career and gain real-world experience while they are still learning within their field; this gives them the opportunity to build their resume beyond education and non-career-focused jobs they held to pay for school, their portfolio will begin to expand plus, they will have a list of references before they graduate.

  7. Shane Jordan

    Cool idea Jason.  I think this would be useful when I need design tasks completed for my startup projects.  Good luck!

  8. Jason Schemmel


    Thank you, Shane! I’ve talked to people with start-up ideas and they love the aspect of assistance that we could provide. Personally, I have this problem, myself, where I have another idea but I’m stuck on it because there’s a couple things I need done that I don’t have the skills to accomplish. Finding a student already learning what I need done, have them help me and in turn, me providing a good reference to them, helps both sides =)

  9. Kristopher Platzke

    Great idea Jason!
    I’m a web and graphic designer.  Much of my experience has been gained helping promote friends’ businesses and church-related activities.  Experience and exposure can be priceless.  Sure, I get paid for most of what I do now, but that choice will always be mine to make.  I look forward to seeing where your idea leads, if you need any help let me know!  -Kris

  10. Matt Saul

    The problem with this idea is a student that can turn an idea complicated enough to bring in revenue into code either already has people willing to pay them for it or is wants to do it themselves and post the source code to GitHub so potential employers can get a peek at their source code.  If they go your route they probably will have to keep their code hidden.  Your board does make sense in cases where one just needs a six page Wordpress site done.

  11. Jason Schemmel


    Kris - Thank you very much!  The idea is all about connecting entities that need help with students who want to help. From the student stand-point, this is meant to serve as a springboard to start their career before they graduate. I would gladly welcome your help if you know businesses/entrepreneurs who are looking for help or students who are looking for work, as them to visit the site ( and fill out the form…I’m keeping people updated when the site is fully functional =)

    Matt - You are absolutely correct!  Those students who are into programming and can do a very good job of it, are already established to the point that, as you said it, they have people who will pay them for it. What I’m trying to do is help the students who aren’t established and haven’t been able to really show what they can do. With my idea, I’m trying to reach students with different backgrounds, including, but not limited to: programming/development, graphic design, art, music, digital media, engineering, etc. I want to help those students who aren’t the ones who were able to establish themselves. I want them to be able to have the chance to gain experience and use the skills they are learning in school.

    On the flip side, I’ve gone to a couple StartGarden events and have spoken to would-be or current entrepreneurs who are currently looking for students who are into marine biology, research & development, marketing and innovation. The scope of work that needs attention is very open and diverse…and that’s just in this region! =)

  12. Jason Schemmel


    Wow, I apparently my fingers and brain aren’t on the same page. that “as them to visit the site” should read “ask them to visit the site” =P

  13. Lady Fred

    LOVE your Biz and so understand what you are doing here!!!  However, I’m not able to see how to utilize your services ... please advise as I am actually looking for help with my start-up biz.  Tx

  14. Jason Schemmel


    Lady Fred, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have =)

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on October 11, 2012.