Foam Buddy

Portable, refillable, low pressure spray foam insulation system

What's the big idea?

Foam Buddy is a portable refillable low pressure spray foam insulation system designed for weatherization crews, diy, and small insulation projects encountered in new and existing construction projects. The Foam Buddy weighing in just under 50lbs is uniquely positioned between a can of Great Stuff and a professional spray foam rig.

Our patent pending spray gun design allows users to adjust ratios before they begin spraying, no more guessing!

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Dow Chemical - Froth Paks are pre-pressurized metal containers intended for a single use. The pressurized metal canisters, hose, and spray gun are then thrown in the trash.

How are you different from that player?

The Foam Buddy system utilizes stainless steel containers that can be refilled easily by the operator, and pressurized by a portable air compressor. Our patent pending spray gun technology is designed to be easy to operate and maintain for continuous use.
Lower pressure = less off gassing.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

The US insulation market is 6 billion dollars and expected to grow at 9% a year through 2020. Building code changes and the rising costs of energy are driving this growth.
The Department Of Energy plans to offer financial incentives to improve the energy efficiency of 128 million homes by 2030.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I have a passion for developing solutions. I have participated in developing a few successful businesses from the start up stage of product development through manufacturing & distribution and finally selling the business.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We would use the money to upgrade our website, develop a marketing brochure, and attend a trade show or two.

There have been 9 replies to this page

  1. Alissa Beckering Stuive

    This is a cool idea.  Go Foam Buddy!

  2. Gary Hammerlund


    Thanks Alissa, we agree. Nothing cooler than spraying foam and watching it rise!

  3. Gary Olthoff

    Best of luck to you Gary, its a great invention and will sell itself by cost savings and clean-up time too!

  4. Susan Martin Pindell

    Absolute winner

  5. Mike McIntyre

    This is the best foam system I have ever used! Compact, portable, and user friendly. Great product Gary! Good luck!

  6. Gary Hammerlund


    Gary, Susan, thanks for your support.

  7. Gary Hammerlund


    Mike, I know you’ve sprayed a lot of foam using a lot of different systems fixing homes for Habitat for Humanity, thank you for what you do. Comments like yours, from people like you, are what inspire me to continue on this journey. Thanks

  8. Steven Maki

    Is there a way to use this on a house that is already built with walls and siding?  it looks like this would not work. Could you build a test wall and drill holes about every two feet or so to fill a wall?

  9. Gary Hammerlund


    Steven, I haven’t tried it yet, but with careful planning and attention to details it could work well. I will add it to my list of opportunities! Thanks

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