Forrester Farm

Belmont flower farm providing wedding & corporate event floral services, blooming into expansion.

What's the big idea?

For years, brides have asked if we could host weddings on our property. Flattering, but our location lacks the space and parking to offer this service. Our floral farm expansion would incorporate an additional location with more planting space for flowers, a large barn, and charming buildings—all in a lovely setting amid established heritage apple trees. Expanding would provide space for a you-cut floral service, bridal- and community-floral classes, and small events, including farm-to-table dinners provided by local chefs. In time, we would offer weekend farm stays.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Post Berry Farm - Rockford, MI.  You-cut flower farm.
Hamilton Dahlia Farm - Hamilton, MI.  Dahlia flower farm.
Post Family Farm - Hudsonville, MI.  Family farm, event space.
Hitching Post Events - Ravenna, MI.  Family farm, event space.
Wildwood Family Farm - Alto, MI.  Family farm, event space.

How are you different from that player?

Forrester Farm is an already unique floral provider in that we offer Michigan-grown, organic flowers from our property in addition to imported blooms. Offering a you-cut flower farm experience coupled with the space to host classes and small events is something that cannot be found in West Michigan.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Dreaming big: launching a botanical bath and body line, a linen line and published books featuring our flower gardens. More immediately, under the Right to Farm Act, we would plant flowers, open a farm floral stand and host occasional barn sales. All featuring West Michigan blooms!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

This dream has been growing since I planted the first Forrester Farm flower seeds in 2000. I am now a certified master gardener who has supplied Michigan-grown florals to Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, ran a farmers’ market booth in Rockford, and provided flowers for hundreds of events & happy couples.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We’ve already found the perfect new additional location! We have also been in conversation with the current property owners for over 2 years. The owners have recently approached us to say they are ready to move and they’ve asked us to consider buying it. We would make an offer—and bloom!

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  1. Anna Husch

    This is a great idea! The flowers I received for my wedding from Forrester Farm were far more beautiful than I had ever imagined and they contributed to an incredible wedding day. If Forrester Farm is able to expand, more and more people will be blessed just as I was through working with them!

  2. Ann Forrester


    Anna, You are so sweet!  Seeing you jump up and down when I delivered your flowers made my day.  Thank you for the endorsement!

  3. Kayleigh Tubbergen

    I need this to happen!  My spring 2014 wedding needs a venue JUST like this, that isn’t overused by everyone else (yet!).  Beautiful flowers, and beautiful potential - good luck!

  4. Ann Forrester


    Kayleigh,  Thank you and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

  5. Lisa Kae Ruff

    Endorsed!!  Good Luck ;)

  6. Aletha VanderMaas

    Endorsed! I hope this is the small push you need to get this moving along!

  7. Ann Forrester


    Thanks Aletha and Lisa!

  8. Barbara Langlois Prins

    I applaud your vision and passion for homegrown flowers…local site for weddings and events..exciting.  Go for it..I wish you well.. I am sure you will be a success.

    Barb Prins Dasa Barn Antiques

  9. Debby Spitler

    Awesom idea, Ann!  It’s a wonderfl concept, and I know with your background and drive it would be a great success.  Count me in as a major supporter - call me when it’s time to play in the dirt.  I look forward to being thee with you!
    Debby Spitler - Owner of Advanced Rental Center, Grand Rapis, Mi

  10. Ann Forrester


    Barb and Debby, thank you for your support.  Debby - I’d love to play in the dirt with you!  Your gardens are amazing.  Alize, our French intern, loved seeing them too.

  11. Pamela Grow

    Take a minute to endorse my cousin’s idea for expanding her amazing farm.

  12. Angela Powers

    I love the idea and support you 100%!!!

  13. Thomas Thule

    I agree that our area needs this type of venue (which is in high demand) right now!  I love the idea of the you-cut floral and the classes.  Hosting on-site dinners is a huge dream come true for those who don’t have the type of property to do so.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who dream the “Country Living” Magazine party and wedding experience, but just cannot find the venue.  Huge support for Forrester Farms, and I know that Ann can pull this off!!

  14. Christine Gribble

    Yea!  I was there in 2000 when it all started.  So excited to see you continue to dream big, push forward and GROW!  :)

  15. Ann Forrester


    Thank you so much for all of the support, encouraging words and sharing with friends!

  16. Angel Forrester Willeford

    Sweet Ann, you have so much passion, vision, planning and expertise in this field that I do not know how you could not be awarded!  I have endorsed your idea and look forward to the future expansion of Forrester Farms!!!

  17. Faye Shanley

    Ann, you are so talented with your creativity! Your work is art. I had several favorites, this one looks like it could be sold in a art gallery!

  18. Berti Cunningham

    Wonderful idea, we appreciated the beautiful flowers and hope your idea will become reality

  19. Barb Langlois

    Fabulous.  We yearn for lifelong learning experiences.  Would love classes.

  20. Ann Forrester


    Angel, Faye, Berti and Barb, Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.  Faye, the photo that you like with the purple bouquet has my Dad’s ‘33 Buick as the backdrop.  Great car used in many family weddings :).

  21. Shelley Bard Austin

    Endorsed!  So glad we met you at The Bash!!  Look forward to seeing you at Start Garden!

  22. Barb Chulski

    I joined your band wagon Ann. You have some great ideas. I know God will bless whatever you lay your hands to.

  23. Bill Forrester

    Best of luck. Will keep you in my prayers.

  24. Brenda Towsley

    Love Forrester Farm I would be happy for any blessings to come their way.

  25. Helena Martin

    Great idea! I always look at your flower arrangements in Facebook and they are gorgeous! Best of luck to you all ;-)

  26. Kristi Veldman

    Ann you are always smiling, so sweet, knowledgeable and willing to help. I envy your drive and applaud your vision.  West Michigan is blessed by your work!

  27. Ann Forrester


    Thank you all so much!  Your kinds words and support means so much!  Blessings,  Ann

  28. Stephen Austin

    Good Luck - ENDORSED!

  29. Chad Hoffman

    Awesome.  A vision worthy of funding.  Your friends in Kenya endorse you!  :)

  30. Stacy Holmes

    Fabulous idea, Ann!  Love it!

  31. Brenda Nichols

    Good luck.  It’s a wonderful idea and I hope you get the funding!

  32. Holly Robertson Froumis

    Having worked with Ann and Forrester Farms on a few key corporate client events, we have been thrilled with their professionalism, vision and end product.  Ann is an absolutely gem - absolutely recommended and endorsed by Grand Connection Special Events!!! :)

  33. Laurel May

    Good Luck!!!!!

  34. Ann Forrester


    Thank you so much for the support.  I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings!  We’ll have to have a party in the barn if this all goes through!

  35. Esther E Steen

    soooo exciting…...your ideas are as fantastic as you are.  Love ya Aunt Judy

  36. Berti Cunningham

    Great idea, I wish you success and look forward to see you again at the end of summer

  37. Mindy 'barton' Peterson

    woohoo!!!!!!  already endorsed you…... but wanted to say…... good luck, ann!!!  :)

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