Future Tech Farm

What farming SHOULD be.

What's the big idea?

Future Tech Farm is a global distributed farm through ‘personal farming systems’, about the size of a microwave.  Each stand alone system will be a ‘node’ of the farm; a controlled environment where you can grow fresh produce in your own home.  With all the nodes connected through the internet, we’ll be able to monitor growing conditions to keep track of and transpose the data that provides the most efficient growth cycles.  It’s like FarmVille but with real crops.  People will be able to compare each other’s variables collected by the sensory system to improve upon their own efficiency.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Bitponics ( has initiated a ‘retrofit’ sensory system with an online account to monitor variables of hydroponic gardening systems.  Their service allows users to create a “growing plan” and collect data.  They were successfully funded, for $23k, through a kickstarter campaign in June.

How are you different from that player?

What we’re creating is a singular, but distributed Farm - a physical and virtual farming platform.  All system owners will be able to access each other’s ‘plots’ on the farm.  Our systems are going to be fully integrated with everything needed to grow - It will not be a retrofit accessory.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Our mission is to re-associate the public consciousness of what farming SHOULD be.  We’re going to connect people with each other and their food source.  This is a chance for people to be a part of a greater cause; to become truly involved in sustainable food production.  Join us in the global farm.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

This idea is a pivot from the Urban Tech Farm project.  Over the past 4 months, we’ve acquired advisors from Kettering University, MI-SBTDC, & The Right Place. We’ve partnered with several companies & have been funded micro grants from the Awesome Foundation and the Kettering Entrepreneur Society.

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  1. Mike Kochis

    I’ve been keeping up with these guys since they’ve started. In that time, they gone from a large, grandiose idea to what I believe is a minimum viable product. I’m anxious to see this become a reality!

  2. Jonathan Williams

    A brilliant idea, can’t wait to be a part of the global farm.

  3. Devin Sutherland

    I have personally tried their home grown products and they are full of flavor and surprisingly delicious. I am excited to see how far this will go!

  4. Bryce Haviland

    I’d love to be a part of the global farm.  not only will the food promote healthier eating, but consumers will also benefit from less trips to the supermarket, which has an added bonus of reducing our personal carbon footprints.  great idea guys!  my only beef is that the LCD in the pic says “hello, world!”  It should be more New Age and say “Hey, Buddy!”  but that’s irrelevant.  good-luck!

  5. Daniel Estrada

    This is awesome.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian and learning more about his business, and he’s a top-notch guy.  There is a huge vision for this business, and I can’t wait to see it become a reality.  Endorse him already!

  6. Ted Marshall

    I had a good time talking with Brian about his startup. I think Brian has a unique product idea and a strong MVP which he can execute on. “Endorse him already!” I second that..

  7. Will Hartwell

    I’ll “third” that :) Brian’s got a great idea with a ton of potential!

  8. Sam White-Smith

    This is a great idea!!!!

  9. Scott Lee

    In the process of developing a network in the Grand Rapids region, I was introduced to Brian and had the opportunity to hear his vision for BioNysus.  Growing up in farm country in Upstate NY, I certainly resonated with his ideas.  The future of farming and food production is going to undergo dramatic changes as the world demand for food goes through the roof over the next 20 years.  Brian not only has a great vision for BioNysus, he has the spirit and energy of an entrepreneur we should all place our bets on.

  10. Kimmy Lappo

    Where can I get one?  This is an amazing idea, and has the potential to revolutionize farming, food, and sustainability of Eco Systems across the world!  Nice job :)

  11. Rebecca Perzyk

    This is an incredible idea and learning tool for our current time. I can imagine them being in classrooms some day. I would also love to own one.

  12. Joe Bush

    What is your retail price point?

  13. Brian Falther


    Hey Joe - We’ve long since pivoted from this idea but were targeting a $500.00 price point with this product.

  14. Kyle Georgeson

    This is genius. Are you hiring?

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