An accessory to personalize eyewear with your favorite sports team, cause, or brand.

What's the big idea?

The idea is to fill the largest branding and personalization space to still remain unfilled. There are more pieces of eyewear in the world than there are people.  We have created a patent-pending, flexible, durable silicone band that wraps 360 degrees around the “temple” area of eyeglasses. The market space is wide open, and the quantity of brands, sports teams and causes is virtually unlimited. G-RAPS conform allowing the eyewear to be worn comfortably without distraction and provides a customizable space of expression.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Ficklets are magnetic charms that are specifically marketed towards getting children excited about wearing eyeglasses. Their product is an interchangeable, non-conforming magnetic charm that is exclusively made for children’s eyeglasses.

How are you different from that player?

Our product is a stretch sleeve that conforms to the shape of most glasses, and is an eyewear accessory for virtually any age, style, or type of glasses.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

The plastic injection mold for G-RAPS was created in Grandville, MI and the products are being manufactured in Wyoming, MI. Our goal is to create MI jobs and maintain a sense of social responsibility. To give back to our community, the first G-RAPS being introduced are for breast cancer awareness.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We both attend Davenport University with finance and business majors. We have successfully created and managed 3 companies including a marketing company, a line of hunting DVDs, and rental properties. As two young entrepreneurs we see a need and desire to capitalize on an opportunity.

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  1. Colleen Kole

    Great idea, great marketing and a great vimeo for your product. Great job Tyler and Calvin!

  2. Amy L. VandenToorn- Howard

    We just watched your video! Very impressive.

  3. Scott Vandyke

    Wow this is a very unique idea…...impressive….would like to anticipate seeing other sleek design(s)

  4. Michelle Lynn Zant

    Great idea and concept. Great for trade shows and business functions. Can’t wait to buy these…

  5. Aaron Fluit

    This is a great idea. This would also be great for charity walks like Race for the Cure and the diabetes walk. Great ideas!

  6. Charles Vandenberg

    Hey I’m from Rockford high school, just wondering if you can make my school logo. AWESOME IDEA!

  7. Daniel Shugar

    This is a great idea! Iv been wanting to customize my shades for a while now. Very cool!

  8. Tyler Ray Ingalls

    Love this! My shades will be even slicker now! I look forward to seeing many more molds and designs - C’mon StartGarden, Help ‘em out!!! With the support of StartGarden, this awesome product will hit shelves faster and with more great customizable options!

  9. Chris Kreiner

    Sweet idea!!  Keep up the good work Calvin and Tyler!!

  10. Tammy Lambert Essenberg

    This aweseome idea has so much support! Hoping you guys can get some financial support from STARTGARDEN now! This is an idea where the sky is the limit! So proud of you two!

  11. Mary Schultz

    You guys rock!! Good job! Proud of you!

  12. Bill Cheryl Moerdyk

    Great Idea Calvin

  13. Carla Trulson-Essenberg

    A shout-out to all my friends on Facebook:  Please take the 1 minute or less to vote for my nephew’s G-Raps!  Tyler could win $5,000 for start-up money for this new business.  Go to, and click on Ideas; then click on G-Raps to vote for Tyler and Calvin’s great idea to personalize your sunglasses or eyeglasses.  They both are seniors in college and have been working on this idea for several months.  Please give them your support by voting for them.

  14. Tammy Seese

    Best of luck Tyler & Calvin!!!!!

  15. Garrett Seese

    boss idea

  16. Angie Clark

    This is such an awesome idea!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this product!!!.

  17. Brandon Clark

    Great idea!! I can’t wait to costomise my glasses

  18. Janine Alan Gregory

    Great video and great product…..great job Tyler and Calvin!

  19. Cameron Clark

    Greate idea!! You should make some msu ones!!

  20. Katy Lambert

    I cant wait to have some UofM GRAPS!!

  21. Hope Kole

    Good job Tyler and Calvin! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  22. Erin Kole

    Love the concept of personalizing your own sunglasses! Can’t wait to get a pair of my own! Great promotional video Tyler and Calvin!

  23. Tom Breakey

    You go guy’s!!!  I’ll “Costomise” my sunglasses too! :-)

  24. Debbie Breakey Hoffman

    can’t wait too put g-raps on my safety glasses at work, everybody will want them!!!!

  25. Elena M. Warner

    What a great idea! Best of luck Tyler!!

  26. David Walkotten

    I think this idea has the most potential out of all of the ideas presented. Thinking about the numbers, the profit margin has to be high, the possibility for expansion has to be high. This is the most down-to-earth, useful idea on the board!

  27. Donna Staley Heeres

    Great idea Tyler & Calvin!  Wishing you both all the best in the production, promotion & sales of G-Raps!  Congrats!

  28. Scotty Bruce

    Great ideas guys! Keep up the hard work!

  29. Reuben VanderZwaag

    Great idea, guys!  Hope this pulls through!!

  30. Wouter Koster

    Really awesome idea guys, best one of those presented! I can see this product doing very well!

  31. Nick VanderZwaag

    What an innovative idea with a huge potential to give individuals another avenue for expression! I attend GVSU and I know students here and around the globe will want to wear G-RAPS to express causes, political views, sports teams, brands, and school spirit.

  32. Adam Skedgell

    Great concept that could turn into an amazing company!!

  33. Ginny Dawn

    Great idea!!!  I hope you have a patent on this (or at least a patent pending), as it could become the next really big thing, but also could be easily copied, without the patent.  Hope you do great!!!

  34. Kevin Lange

    Awesome idea, I wanna get a pair for my shades!! Put this thing in stores!!!!

  35. Luke Van Dyke

    Awesome idea! Very practical and cool product! Great vimeo as well.

  36. Mary Shelton Trawick

    I would definitely buy this!!  Great idea!

  37. Darren VanderBoon

    I like this idea!  Looks like 1 more simple way for people to express themselves. I would definitely throw some on my ray bans.

  38. Lindsay VanDyke

    Great idea! Can’t wait to buy some! Good job on the video too.

  39. Calvin Beeke


    @Scott - Yes, we will have other designs. One of our main reasons to enter Startgarden is for the connections in possibly acquiring the licensing capabilities to move forward into pro teams, college teams, and university brandnames.

  40. Calvin Beeke


    @Ginny - Yes, we applied for the patent a few months ago. It has been patent pending since then.

  41. Timothy Sweat

    Excellent Idea. It’s like the wristbands, but even better because it’s near your face so it’s one of the first things people will notice about you. Also, the range of different messages it could have are nearly endless, ranging from breat cancer awareness, to sports team logos, to a personal meaning, to whatever—you name it, it could be made into a G-Rap. Very good idea, indeed.

  42. Calvin Beeke


    Right on. Thanks Tim!

  43. Lois Haley

    Blessings on your business venture, Calvin!

  44. Nick Westrate

    Can I say endless possiblities??? YES.  Can I say that we can put a ceiling on its potential? NO. :)

  45. James Engelsma


  46. Johnny DeLong

    So excited to see this product become a reality! What an great and unique way to express yourself. I’m looking forward to the sports fan designs!

  47. Steve Canum

    Great idea…outstanding work with the video!

  48. Daniel Gomes Silveira

    Poderia fazer uns modelos com bandeiras de várias nações.. Se fizer um com a bandeira do Brasil, prometo usar óculos só para poder usar o adereço.. :)) (Now, google translate it!)

  49. Evan Tylenda

    Would this fit on all glasses? I have very small frames and these don’t seem like they would fit.

  50. Peter Carlson

    Great idea! After looking through all the ideas this one seems to be my favorite! Looking forward to NCAA g-raps!

  51. Calvin Beeke


    @Evan, G-raps fit 75% of corrective lens eyewear and 85% of sunglasses.  Wire-frame corrective eyeglasses are the only main style of glasses that our “one size fits all” G-rap pair does not fit.

  52. Cherene Weeda

    Great idea!!! Excited to see what comes of this and to see them available for sale everywhere!

  53. Shirley Wessell Stoutjesdyk

    How impressive guys,  looking forward to continuing updates!

  54. Laura Scharich

    This has endless possibilities. A great identifier. Could be used like the rubber bracelets in some instances too.

  55. Haili Schneider

    I waited all week to endorse an idea and after waiting for a week I am finally giving my endorsement to G-raps!! Such a great idea and I cannot wait to buy this product!! Everyone else should endorse this and purchase the product when it goes on sale!!

  56. Denis Zhanara Boris

    great idea guys!!!.

  57. Calvin Beeke


    Thanks guys!

  58. Vicky Warner

    Awesome Calvin!! A great idea once again, you constantly impress me. The video is great as well, well done guys! Looking forward to seeing these on the market soon.

  59. Susanna Erkelens Van Kempen

    Great Work!!!

  60. Sam Kersten

    Awesome idea guys! The potential for this is almost unlimited. I know you’ve both had lots of ideas and inventions, but I think this is the right one to try to run with because of the market factors surrounding it. Keep up the good work, you guys are doing a great job!

  61. ArjanBetty Vandemerwe

    Pretty Cool!

  62. Josh Engelsma


  63. Michael J. Walsh

    Cool!  Me thinks you are on to something!

  64. Mary Carlson

    Great idea Calvin.  Keep up the good work!

  65. Terri Spaulding

    Really looking forward to hearing more from you. Big props for the idea. No surprise that I have a question: how many G-Raps will have to be ordered at a time? And will they all have to be exactly the same “everything” within that order? For instance, same color material?

  66. Calvin Beeke


    We are currently determining how many it would require for a customized order.
    The color material would not have to be the same, however, the phrase or logo would.
    Thanks for the question!


  67. Craig Carlen

    I’d love to say this is a unique idea, but it’s not. Up until 2010, I had been in optics for 20 years. I have been to Vision Expo East and West (the two largest N. American optical trade shows) multiple times and I’ve seen similar products many, many times. Some silicone, some magnetic, some fabric, some hard plastic with clips. I’ve never seen any of them follow up with the product the following year at the same Expo.

    Here’s the problem I see: The same people that would tend to buy something to display a feeling, allegiance, and/or cause are the same people that buy their eyewear NOT as a tool to see, but as an extension of who they are. Those people often have multiple pairs for different looks or buy eyewear that is designed with removable parts (temples, bridges, top bar…) that allow for a new look. IMO those people will not want to effect the look they’re going for with something that might otherwise clash.

    I wish you luck, I would love to see a optical accessory break into that market - but it’s a tough market with decision-makers that are very old school in their buying habits. So I would look to other outlets - keep the three O’s - OD’s. OMD’s, and Opticians out of the mix. Because their the ones that have a very difficult time with change.

  68. Sean Byrne

    Made in Michigan?  I would buy one just to support Michiginians, but I bet you don’t have what I would want written…......

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