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What's the big idea?

Groovebox Studios is a new kind of music company based in Detroit that is a platform for independent artists to succeed in today’s music business. Our high-end audio and video content is 100% crowd funded by fans thru Kickstarter. Our artists pay us NOTHING! In fact, our Kickstarter campaigns are so successful, most artists end up making money with us. Our “One Band, One Room, One Take” model has become one of the hottest experiences in independent music. Fan’s travel from across the country to Detroit to be part of the creative process with their favorite artists at Groovebox Studios.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Our closest comparable is The “Miraverse” at Manifold Recording Studio located in Chappell Hill NC, a top-end studio that is also using Kickstarter to fund projects they call “Co-Producing”. While we’ve never communicated, they recently blogged about GBS describing how our model has inspired them.

How are you different from that player?

GBS has a strict set of production rules that all artists follow. These rules provide a cohesive vision, purpose and community for our “One Take” sessions and allow us to efficiently manage our costs and time. The Miraverse has no such production structure . They approach each project differently.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Our biggest growth will be franchising into other markets. A GBS Chicago pilot will be open this June. In Detroit, we can increase our number of monthly sessions by 50% without adding much cost. In addition, we’re partnering in live events and producing Kickstarter campaigns for non-music projects.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Our biggest asset is our vision along with our proven ability to execute and bring our ideas to life. We’ve built a dedicated and diverse team of individuals with the experience, talent and resourcefulness to recognize a gap in a market and then create and refine a new model to fill that gap.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We’ll use the funds to bring two team members up to full time hours. This will allow us to run GBS Detroit at full capacity for one quarter and gives us flexibility to open our Chicago pilot. We’re confident we’ll show enough revenue to keep Detroit at 100% and continue development of GBS Chicago.

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  1. Gwenny Neal

    Vote for Groove Box Studio’s - Making sure local talent have a chance to record and produce their own music!!!

  2. Vincent Sabatini

    Their recording sessions are a great way for fans to support artists they are passionate about, and get an amazing, intimate show out of it at the same time. Love this studio, and what they are doing for the local Detroit music scene.

  3. Cats FromMars

    There ain’t no cats like a cat,baby

  4. Shawn Neal


    Thanks a lot Vincent!

  5. Loyes Music-Bitti

    You’ve got my vote.

  6. Milan Stevanovich

    We need to bring back the creation, production and the business of music back into the City of Detroit ...

  7. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Milan!

  8. Thanh Tran

    I’ve always been a big supporter of GBS from the day you announced the idea at the D-NewTech. I believe you have the right team to make the idea into reality and put music back on the map for Michigan!

  9. Jeff Adams

    You’ve got mine!

  10. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Thanh. Your group D-NewTech has always been a big source of ideas and resources for us. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we’ll be joining you on stage for a review night at Start Garden very, very soon!

  11. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Jeff!

  12. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Loyes and Mom!

  13. Loreta Schafer

    Love your idea and the way you get things done. Keep it rolling so I can continue finding great new music in present time. You guys are Da Bom

  14. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Loreta!

  15. Kevin Pachla

    I have been fortunate enough to work with Jeff and Shawn on a few projects now and it has been nothing short of impressive.  Knowledgeable, professional and fun folks with a great vision that has come to life.

    On sessions I participated in, I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate a 45 record into the GBS KS campaign model that has not only benefited my company, Motorcity Special Records, but has made this an even more fun and unique experience for the bands and their fans. 

    I hope to see GBS flourish and continue the great service they are doing for musicians and artists in the community.

  16. Shawn Neal


    Thanks a lot Kevin. I have a feeling they’ll be many more GBS/Motorcity Special records in our future!

  17. Robert Parker

    Just a great business model utilizing fans to fund the artist via crowdfunding. I still haven’t made it out to Detroit to check out the studio yet but you’ve got my support.

  18. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Robert!

  19. Matt Saul

    Voted.  Love this idea.

  20. Shawn Neal


    Thanks Matt!

  21. Tafari Roberts

    Nice concept

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