Hip Shot Dot

An electronic gaming accessory that works with any first person shooter game, i.e. Call of Duty.

What's the big idea?

First person shooter games, i.e. Call of Duty and Halo are terrific examples of an extremely popular and growing video game industry. Gamers are very competitive and continuously looking for ways to improve their game. The “Hip Shot Dot” enables Gamers to acquire targets faster and more accurately overall improving their response time, accuracy and overall gaming experience.
The Hip Shot Dot is a powered red dot sight for the Gamer’s television or monitor.  The sight is easily installed or removed and utilizes the usb power available on most gaming consoles or computers.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest players in the industry are actually the Gamers themselves.  Many Gamers will use tape or dry erase markers to create a “make shift sight” on their television or monitor.  One company is producing simple cross-hair style decals that you stick on the television.

How are you different from that player?

View the Hip Shot Dot as a first in industry powered red dot sight for the Gamer’s television.  Majority of gaming accessories available today surround the controller, head set or gaming console itself.  The Hip Shot Dot is NEW to the industry and offers Gamers a truly improved gaming experience.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

The Hip Shot Dot will enable 40+ year old Gamers to finally compete with the 12 year old Gamers of the world.  (As long as we keep it a secret) :)

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

By trade I’m an Industrial Designer with experience bringing products from ideation to production.  I can envision a nice product line stemming from this original concept.  I believe with the right teaming and collaboration, this project can be a great success for everyone involved.

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  1. Tim Murphy


    Did not mention this in the submission.. I have a working prototype that is patent pending and addictive :)  I don’t game without out it.  Thanks everyone.

  2. Tim Owe

    It’s already been done, but your ones look really nice.

  3. Jonathan Kumar

    eyo tim, can I betatest a prototype? :-)

  4. Tim Murphy


    Kumar, will be looking for Beta testers soon, will keep you in the loop.

  5. Steve Czyzyk

    I’m not a big gamer but would like to help on beta testing the software because the idea and game itself is awesome!! Keep me informed, even though I work 4 days a week varying schedule!!

  6. Todd Chance

    <—Beta tester? :)

  7. Tipsy McStagger

    No one will buy this.
    The crosshairs on a point-and-shoot game are always located in the same place…the center of your screen.
    A neon orange dry erase marker does exactly the same thing.

  8. Mandy Kirk

    @ Tipsy….There are products for all types of spenders and lifestyles.  Why drink generic soda when you can drink Coke?  Why buy generic sneakers when you can buy Nike?  Why use a neon marker when you can have this cool hip shot dot?
    And btw, you are wrong about no one buying this - I know I’m one of the first in line already.

  9. Jon Dodge

    Im not a gamer, but people buy all sorts of accessories for their passions.  There is definitely a market.  Good luck!

  10. Brian Roberts Former Parrott

    Id love one of these…Ive been searching but cant find any webiste that sells them ...Anyone any ideas ?

  11. Stephen Densmore

    My friend and I actually came up with this idea years ago, Headshot Red Dot.

  12. Tim Murphy


    Year 1 = HipShotDot now available in over 7000 retail locations world wide including GameStop, BestBuy, Meijer, Fred Meyer, New Egg and more :)  Over 60,000 units sold to date with a 70,000 Facebook fan base… Thanks everyone! :)

  13. Tim Murphy


    HipShotDot now issued full design and utility patent, it’s official :)

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