Your favorite flurries, sundaes, cones and more, DELIVERED to your door!

What's the big idea?

We want to bring the Ice Cream Shoppe to your front door, office, factory, or anywhere your stomach desires. When you’re just sitting down to watch your Tuesday night shows, a big game, or just want a delicious treat after dinner, we can bring it to you! Maybe you’re in comfy clothes, just put the kids to bed, or it’s just too cold outside to drive across town to the only ice cream shop that’s still open this time of year, DONT WORRY! Give us a call and we’ll BRING IT TO YOU! We’re CRAZY FAST like Jimmy John’s and CONVENIENT & EASY like pizza delivery.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are currently no other businesses offering individual ice cream treat delivery door to door.

How are you different from that player?


How's the world different with your idea in it?

We will be delivering ice cream to the children’s hospital for the kids who are unable to leave their room essentially bringing the “family outing to the ice cream shoppe” experience to their rooms.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

This was our original idea/creation. The delivery system is something developed and tested by us over the last few months. I believe this will revolutionize the ice cream industry. I believe all the “big guys” will be following our lead at some point.

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  1. Josh Ward

    I think this is an excellent idea and will be endorsed by husbands across the country! Especially husbands of pregnant wives… Go Scoops!!!

  2. Beth Scudder-Childs

    We LOVE the idea! and the samples have been tasty to!!

  3. Apple Blue


  4. Regan Teat

    Congrats guys! Dig it. Hope to make it to Scoops someday soon.

  5. Lori Leonard

    epic fail

  6. Tipsy McStagger

    this is awesome, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of door to door ice cream sales before? Maybe you could have your vehicle play calliope music loudly as you drive down the street, so that as you come down the block children hear the music and they come running with their money clutched in their hands to buy an ice cream from you.

  7. Kasey Weisner

    Such a great idea!!  Dan and I will support this idea every night! :)

  8. Aaron Vitali


    To Mr. Tipsy,

    Those vehicles offer freezer burned, disgusting popcicles from some gross slob, child molester that feels your kids hands as they reach for their treat.  I look forward to offering a full ice cream parlor’s menu delivered to your door in order to keep them off our streets.

  9. Lori Leonard

    wow nice reply mr vitali however we all know you are the biggest scumbag of them all. wait until they find out your history that 5 grand will go poof. they got scammed by the scammer.  all those people you screwed money out of will surely be at your door tomorrow.

  10. Tipsy McStagger

    Ahahaha won! Yayyyy! I don’t know lori leonard or Mr. Vitali, so I don’t know anything about his scumbag-ness. I was only making fun of the idea. It is ridiculous.

  11. Tipsy McStagger

    I will say, however, that I have never had a freezer-burned popsicle. (I don’t believe it is possible to freezer-burn a popsicle.) I also, don’t recall ever see-ing an icecream man that felt anyone’s hands while they handed it to them. Perhaps we have a better class of ice-cream men where I live. At any rate, driving across town to deliver an icecream cone is not going to be profitable unless you pick up some impulse sales to go along with it, that is why the icecream man has the music. Otherwise you need to be selling package ice cream, and other foods so you can have a large order to justify driving to a destination… like schwanns.

  12. Lori Leonard

    guaranteed fail tipsy. guaranteed.

  13. Matt Glass

    Tipsy, please review my app. @travelbytrains. You’re direct (yet slightly whimsical) assessments are the kind of honest feedbacks startups really do make use of.

  14. Lori Leonard

    it is illegal to operate a delivery service without a mobile food license or without delivery insurance on a business policy. fail.

  15. Tipsy McStagger

    @Matt - I am going to study that Matt. I love the idea of improving train travel, I hope this is a great idea.

  16. Katherine Cook

    This idea is perfect for several reasons:  1>  When Ice Cream shops open here in Michigan, they are everywhere.  The area surrounding an ice cream shop is then limited allowing an ice cream business to keep costs low in delivering to that local area.  Look at Jimmy Johns, they only deliver withing a 5 minute radius of their locations.  And in some cases, it is only one sandwich.  2>  This gives folks the opportunity to do something nice for someone, like send an ice cream treat to someone who’s down or just to say thanks instead of over priced flowers!  3>  In the spirit of Start Garden, the negative comments above are distasteful, and this idea was an ‘experiment’ to see if it could be lucrative. 
    In the Michigan market, where the ice cream shops close for a season, this could help boost sales and availability for the short time the shops are open.  In the southern part of the country, this could be just as popular as Jimmy Johns year round. 
    Good luck.

  17. Tipsy McStagger

    Hey, how is this business going? Making a lot of money? Really, who could have predicted that?
    Ok, it’s 15 degrees outside, i will check back in a few months. i am sure yo will be making TENS of dollars by then.

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on August 09, 2012.