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a destination restaurant/gallery/gift shop/ice cream parlor celebrating Americana and Lowbrow art . icecreamgalleryandt...

What's the big idea?

Ronnie Mack’s Ice Cream Gallery and Grill is a destination restaurant of tasty,American comfort meals executed gourmet style,chef driven.Every meal or visit will include tasty,artisan homemade ice cream in flavors that reflect the chef vision.The Ice cream can come home in containers as exciting and viral as vintage lunch boxes.The restaurant will feature one of a kind art exhibited in the dining and gallery areas.Pin stripping while you dine, and"lowbrow” art events.The gift shop will feature designer toys from Tokyo to Detroit and custom short run,silk screen t shirts from emergent designers

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Lift in Royal oak and Rotofugi in Chicago are galleries that sell designer toys,Palazzolo’s locally benchmark the idea of artisan ice cream.Paula Deen’s kitchen,The Hard Rock cafe and Harley Davidson motor bar best model the idea of a restaurant that celebrate a lifestyle,combined with a gift shop

How are you different from that player?

we differ from the rest by celebrating an emergent sub culture that honors hard work and hard play,driving long hours for love and freedom,ever since Route 66 gave Americans a reason to “keep on truckin” Lowbrow art,food and culture have rewarded those willing to get their hands dirty,true Americana

How does this idea scale into a big business?

The hospitality industry is hungry for new concepts that have’nt been tried and Lowbrow has gone untapped.The idea builds brands that can be licensed for premium rates,from frozen dinner,cookbooks,premium line of Ice cream sold in local stores,the gift shop can tap the big profits of trend marketing

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I am a chef with over 20 years experience.I have developed a signature line of ice creams.Plus i am an avid art and toy collector who supports the arts by curating shows of local lowbrow artist. I have traveled this great country following these three passions: Art,Food and Life

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

The first round investment will assist in the equipment list for the kitchen and ice cream parlor and selection of artist and designers for the gallery and gift shop. This will make Ronnie Mack’s Ice cream gallery and grill ready for presentations to investors in the hospitality industry

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  1. Ian Swanson

    Ronnie Have You Thought About Sharing This With The FOOD NETWORK? I Would Email This To All The Major Players There, Have You Thought About Shooting A Commercial Promo? My Friend John Boros Might Be Willing To Help You Out Here, Look Him Up On My Friends List. Then I Would Also Suggest Going The IndieGoGo & Kickstarter Route.

  2. CaptainArt Walker Art Talker

    Taste the artisanal ice cream. See the Low Brow Art. Buy the designer toys from Tokyo!

  3. Kathleen Harrigan


  4. Myke Amend

    I had a great time there last night painting, meeting new people, hearing the bands and watching the giveaways and people grabbing their winnings. Great food, great company, great entertainment - Here is hoping the word continues to spread in GR. I’d love to see this gallery reach the next stage in its evolution.

    Endorse this idea because we need this gallery, or because it would be great to try the proposed menu and dining experience, for the art, entertainment, or just because you love ice cream - but please take the time to endorse this idea.

    Also, be sure to comment, show your support :)

  5. Bethalynne Bajema

    A wonderful gallery and a wonderful idea to support for the local art scene. Grand Rapids is becoming known for its art community and events - this type of unique art establishment would be a creative addition to the the downtown art & events scene. Funding it would not only support the business but it would be another way to support our town and community. Not to mention how can you not like art and ice cream?

  6. Kate Henriot Jauw

    Artisanal Ice Cream… Grand Rapids… If Founders and Jersey Junction had a baby and it ran away from home. The biggest obstacle here is that you can’t taste an idea but you can get an idea of Ronnie’s taste. Lowbrow is what happens when you elevate the guilty pleasure of being American to its rightful place in the world of art, food, music… The rest of the world gets it. We need to get it too. Get it here. Before way too many people grow up and lose their soul. Open up your piehole and fill it with ICE CREAM. It’s Ice Cream… You have enough damn apps.

  7. Kate Henriot Jauw

    This is a local project. In a city where microbreweries have done much to enhance the quality of life and attract attention, people and money comes an obvious step in that progression. A step that ought to be replicated elsewhere. Everywhere. But here first. Because this is ground zero for things that require cream, sugar, cold… and ART. This is like microbrewery beer in many ways but we dont all drink beer. This is the answer to the obvious.

    For the rest of us…

    Imagine the same quality, intensity and vibe of beer, but now bring it to Ice Cream. This is not a metaphor. This is ICE CREAM. Like Founders, Brewery Vivant, etc. it can be the backdrop to great art. great food, great entertainment and this is just the beginning. The trending sensibility of “LowBrau” is not just a style but what Ronnie Mack lives… Has lived… Always. Long before it appeared on the Hipster Horizon, Ronnie Mack was bringing his version and vision of what American Food, Art & Music is meant to be when you let the Plebes at the palate, the palette and the volume petal.

    Artisan Ice Cream…

    Where is your soul? Go endorse this man’s vision and stick out your tongue…

  8. Gabe Alexander

    This gallery is already great and something much needed in this town. Toys you can normally only find online, are right there in the shop. Art that’s up and coming, non traditional and great fun. The adddition of ice cream, food and more will really make it a destination. Grand Rapids is definitely ready for this.

  9. Mike Skoog

    This is a great idea and any town needs places like this for them to flourish.

  10. Philomena Primrose

    There is much to be said about a place that offers this community another place for artists and lovers of the arts to come together - even better that the gallery wants to go beyond just being a standard gallery. I fully endorse this idea!

  11. Cat Baar

    Such a warm and friendly environment, regardless of theme. I support any idea that could make this place even better!

  12. Amy K. Holmes-Simmons

    Black velvet hot fudge sinews comes to mind…. This place intrigues.

  13. Myke Amend

    Some super-beany vanilla nestled up between some real pistachio and chocolate-coffee ice cream, with biscotti or Pockey spoons.

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on April 04, 2013.