JamCooler is the Ultimate Party Cooler!The first premium integrated wireless speaker and cooler.

What's the big idea?

Music and drinks are a pivotal part of any party. Combine the two with the ability to play music wirelessly through your iPod, iPhone, or other smartphone and you have just made the party bigger, better, and louder!

JamCooler is the ultimate party cooler. The worlds first integrated wireless speaker and cooler is designed to wow the crowd with its incredible sound and impressive cold storage capacity. The JamCooler is a rugged cooler with a Bluetooth sound system that will keep the party raging with space for over one hundred ice cold beverages and power for ten hours of thumping jams.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Coleman and Igloo Coolers are competitors in the sense that they are mass producers of everything cooler and outdoor-related. In that scope it is conceivable that they could produce a similar product one day. By beating them to market with a trademarked brand we will stay ahead of the competition.

How are you different from that player?

We are nimble and creative in our design and marketing. The patent pending JamCooler is a unique product for any outdoor enthusiast. Combining Bluetooth wireless music with premium marine-grade components and a high-capacity portable power system produces a product the market has never seen.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

We are making it fun to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be a day at the beach, a kids soccer game, a family picnic or sitting around a campfire enjoying some tunes, the JamCooler enhances the whole experience. The idea of a portable party with drinks and great music makes the world a better place.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We have prototyped the design and troubleshot the product for well over a year and feel that we have covered all angles in bringing a complete, quality product to the marketplace. We love to enjoy the outdoors as much as anyone and have the vision to bring this amazing product to the world.

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  1. Ariel Scherr

    I have personally used this product and am very impressed with it.

  2. Suvit Yeung

    It completely makes sense - Large speakers that are not cumbersome - and on wheels!

  3. Stacy Feldman

    Good idea.. easy opportunities for branding.. college market comes to mind…  have u sold any of these yet?  What is the warranty on something like this?

  4. Hans Burri


    Hi Stacy: Yes I’ve sold a few models to friends, though the latest version is brand new and by far the best! The warranty stands at six months assuming normal use.

  5. Larry Berner

    I wish I had one of these in college for the many tailgating parties.  Even better for backyard parties or parties in the park.

  6. Chuck Turnbull

    I have seen the JamCooler work in many outdoor settings, even some very rugged places like bouncing around in a sailboat, and it works really well everytime ... no matter what kind of music and no matter how loud or soft.

  7. Teresa Davis Scherr

    Such a cool idea and great product!

  8. Andy Seibring

    Great Idea !!! Should be a hit.

  9. Jimmy Miller

    Can the the JamCooler withstand a Hurricane?

  10. Phil Bean

    Looks like a great product.  My only recommendation is a small water-tight compartment to put your cell phone or iPod in.  That way you can keep the phone out of sight, protected from the elements and within bluetooth range.

  11. Pat Turnbull

    Love love love the Jamcooler.  Best idea since the invention of the folding lawn chair.  A MUST have for party lovers! Pat

  12. Josh Yearian

    I’m getting one.  There is no better beach/BBQ accessory.

  13. Sarah Haddow

    Great idea! JamCooler is the perfect enhancement to a day at the beach.

  14. Tom Anderton

    listening to it right now. sweet idea.

  15. Jared Hill

    Perfect sense! I love the idea of having your music next to your beer and food for the BBQ. It makes tailgating or BBQ on the beach that much easier. Nice work… cheers!

  16. Jason Schemmel

    This would make the perfect tailgate cooler. Think of the people who would bring this to camping outings or air shows, etc! Great idea!

  17. Bill Veneklasen

    Cool idea & congratulations with funding! Perhaps contact vehicle manufacturer’s via Johnson Controls design dept. & collaborate to integrate JamCooler within the rear “trunk” cabin space. When opening the rear hatch, cooler lid is flush with floor for easy access along with speakers up for music. Lifting carpet lid over cooler allows for cooler portability.~

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