Jonas Paul Eyewear company was designed to provide function and new form to children’s vision.

What's the big idea?

Ben & Laura Harrison, entrepreneurs and visual artists, have given their imagination and ingenuity to the mission of equipping their visually impaired son, Jonas, with creative eyewear solutions. Upon searching for suitable eyewear for Jonas, Ben & Laura discovered one missing factor in existing options for children: style. Jonas Paul Eyewear company’s simple, sophisticated specs are designed to provide function and new form to children’s vision.

“Kid eyeglasses that adults will look at with envy.” - Wall Street Journal

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Very French Gangsters is a Paris based company that focuses on eyewear for children, with frames priced at 169,00 € and distribution in Europe and Asia (not USA).

How are you different from that player?

Jonas Paul Eyewear has a unique aesthetic, accessible price point ($95 which will soon include prescription lenses), and an inspiring charitable angle.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Jonas Paul is the first company in the market focusing on affordable prescription eyeglasses for children.  Being first to market paired with the incredible brand awareness & national press we have already achieved gives us confidence we can capture a large segment of the children’s eyewear market.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We are successful entrepreneurs who have founded 4 successful businesses, creating sustainable self-employment for the past 9 years.  We already launched Jonas Paul eyewear & have proof of concept through great sales & incredible publicity, & are looking forward to a potential partnership with SG.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

This $5,000 investment will be utilized to launch a “tween” line of frames in response to the high demand we have received for frames that fit children aged 10 - 15 (as well as petite female faces).

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  1. Mindy 'barton' Peterson

    ben & laura are not only amazing friends of ours, but incredibly talented entrepreneurs!  their own inspiring story of their son Jonas paul is so moving and the reason for their creative twist on distributing children’s eyewear.  can’t wait to see where they go from here!!  love you guys!!! ❤

  2. Chelsea Cubba

    I am extremely moved by your story.  What a wonderful family and amazing thing you are doing!  My hope is that you will continue to grow and change even more lives than you already have!

  3. Ben Harrison


    thank you mindy and chelsea for your encouragement!

  4. Matt Saul

    Great idea.  As someone born blind with moderate visual impairment growing up it would have been nice to have better looking glasses (though I think it might be more of a concern for tweens).

  5. Chelsea Cubba

    Please watch this amazing video… Grab a tissue and prepare to gain a deeper sense of what really matters in this world.  ❤️ Then you can vote for this inspirational family.

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