Julieta Carril Designs

Argentinean Style women's clothing store focused on unique designs with outstanding customer service

What's the big idea?

A store that will carry original and exceptional quality designs made in Argentina Bs As. It will have 3 main lines: everyday, business and events. It will be a place to come and have a relaxing shopping experience. The atmosphere will be warm and inviting focused on Argentinean roots. Customer service will be personalized, all of our staff will know the product, how it fits and what compliments every body type as well as trends and up to date styles. The store will only exhibit the different styles but not all the sizes so it will be made to build a relationship between associate and customer

Describe the nearest player in your field.

For service quality boutiques at Gaslight Village like L. Marie & Co. For prizing big name brands at the mall such as Express will have a similar product at a cheaper prize. Finally for overall idea FREE PEOPLE and other boutiques at Chicago, IL have unique products with good customer service.

How are you different from that player?

My product won’t be bought from the big cities to GR instead it will be originally designed and produced to bring in a unique product to GR that no one else will carry. The price range will go from affordable to higher depending on the product, and customer service will go beyond common expectations

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Shopping will become an experience it will be relaxing, a break from everyday stress. Women will come to the store to find all their needs for different occasion apparel covered, feeling welcomed and wanting to come back to an associate who will remember them by name and will recall what they liked

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I have a MA in fashion,I know how to design, make a pattern, hand and machine sewing all the way to the finished garment.I am very driven never had less than 3 jobs at the same time and I won’t stop till I see my vision fulfilled.I know this will take a lot of work.I will fully commit to the project

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  1. John Zamora

    Inovative idea. Go with it. Good luck.

  2. Elizabeth Saline

    Great idea!  Would love to shop here!

  3. Tasha Wessel

    This is an amazing idea! You would finally provide a place that is comfortable and will taylor to you no matter what size and shape you are! :)

  4. Sally Baker

    Great idea, I would love to shop in a relaxing place where employees know me and what styles would compliment my body!

  5. Liliana Beatriz Aluzzo

    SO CUTE!!!

  6. Leo Burrell

    I wouldn’t be seen dead in one of your designs, but I think I could enjoy seeing them on a Lady!  Have Fun! Make a bundle of money!

  7. Iridescent Essexories

    Congratulations from one fashionista to another! God bless!

  8. Andrew John Matthews

    Looks nice

  9. Julia Johnson Garnett

    Yes! Great ideas July. I would love to shop at your store!

  10. Hannah McGuire

    I’m always right behind you!!! Good luck, you can do this!!! Love, Hannah :)

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on May 10, 2012.