"Drum Slide Prevention Technology"

What's the big idea?

The KBrake is a device that is made specifically for drummers to keep their kick drum from sliding forward. The KBrake attaches onto the ends of both right and left kick drum spurs and provides 256 gripping points per side. This keeps the kick drum firmly in place in front of the drummer as they play. The KBrake also has a pivot point that allows the base plate to fold freely inward toward the drum, making it convenient for storage and loading in and out of drum cases. This is perfect for seasoned touring drummer as well as the average basement rock star.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Gibraltar is a drum hardware company that makes percussion hardware of all kinds. They make a kick drum “anchor” that attaches to the front of a kick drum hoop. Gibraltar makes a number of percussion stands and mounts but does not focus on one particular piece of hardware.

How are you different from that player?

The KBrake is different because it adds 512 gripping points (256 per side) and attaches to the existing kick drum spurs on every kick drum. The Gibraltar “anchor” only provides 2 points of contact and clamps onto the front of the kick drum, which causes dents and scratches to the hoop.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Currently on the market there is not another product that has the features and benefits that the KBrake has to offer drummers. The KBrake will be the first of it’s kind and will be a game changer in the market.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

As a 20 year veteran in the music industry, touring the world over I have experienced my kick drum sliding in over 30 countries. I created the KBrake and its “Kick Drum Slide Prevention Technology” (Patent Pending :61/758,480)  because every other “solution” simply does not work.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

I will utilize the opportunity to further develop the KBrake. First by sourcing local manufacturer in W. MI. Working with W. Mi companies to get KBrakes out to drummers to experience the KBrakes. KBrakes have been tested on multiple variety drums and they do the job that they were designed to do.

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  1. Wes Keely


    This product is a solution to a problem that a lot of drummer deal with on a minute to minute basis.  Some nights the kick drum will slide and sometimes it stays put more often than not it’s a battle of keeping it in one place..

  2. Daniel Hosie

    This is one of those things where you say to your self, ” WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT”.
    Awesome idea Wes. This solves the age old issue of having to load the kick up with weight, or scratching up the hoops from putting things in front of it.

  3. William Porter Quinby

    I kick hard. I like this idea.

  4. Alexei D Rodriguez

    As someone who’s spent half his adult life making a living beating the hell out of drum kits aplenty, I can’t wait to try this out for myself!

  5. Josh Cross

    This is a killer idea for a much needed product! I will be sharing this with my drummer, and all my drummer friends!

  6. Steve Swim

    U are a genius- Can not wait to hook my son up with some.

  7. Tim Mycek

    Awesome Wes…......I love it,

  8. Christina Cardenas

    I think KBrakes could really improve a drummers experience.

  9. Carlos Torres-Ortiz

    Looks like a great idea. Can’t wait to try it myself!

  10. Jay Hale

    This is a fantastic product, that will make one of the biggest frustrations for drummers a thing of the past. As a drummer myself this was one of the hardest things to get past practicing and playing shows. This is one of the best ideas to hit the music industry in years.

  11. Amanda Hargraves

    Looks like a great product, I know a couple people who would love to own this!

  12. Wes Keely


    Thank you to everyone who has been checking out KBrakes, keep them coming!!! drummers will tell you they struggle with this problem everyday.  Playing the drums is super fun and your drum sliding out from you while you’re playing it definitely takes a lot of that fun away..

  13. Robert Evans

    Do these come in a zebra pattern? These will be great for drummers!

  14. Casandra B. Smith

    Awesome. Awesome idea. When and where can we get this????

  15. John Smith

    great idea. I hope it is a big seller!

  16. Chris Wambold

    Awesome!  Gotta get me one for sure!

  17. Pat Flynn

    Looks awesome. Thank you for helping to move the industry forward…..I’ve been using those bootleg wood blocks for years…..time for a welcome change.

  18. Wes Keely


    In the 70’s drummers used to nail a 2X4 onto the stage and place their kick drum behind so it wouldn’t slide during the performance.  Simple solutions are always the best solutions! I’m pretty sure if you did that at a venue today your band would not only not be asked back but the venue would probably kick you out before you could drive in the second nail..

  19. Sam Luotonen

    Brilliant solution!!!

  20. Pete Hilton

    Great idea Wes! Good luck!!!

  21. Joe Harris

    great idea!!! this should take off fast once people start giving it a try

  22. Chris Hornbrook

    Great idea, Wes. This would be great for thicker rugs that spurs can’t dig into.

  23. Tyler Swosinski

    As a young drummer inspired by you I am excited to be able to use this product.

  24. Wes Keely


    Yeah Chris even the thicker rugs only work on some kits. We’ve made a solution for all the spurs on all the rugs!  No sliding !!

  25. David Chase

    This is definitely the most efficient solution to this problem that i’ve ever seen, leave your cinder blocks at home.

  26. Trish Huizinga

    Great idea! I can’t believe there is not a product out there yet, this is such a necessity for musicians!

  27. Robert Jordan

    this looks like it would work with jungle kits AND fit into the trunk of a rental hyundai! which make KBrakes = A MOUNTAIN CAT APPROVED!

  28. Brandon Trammell

    Hard to believe this wasn’t already thought of. Next level shit right there.

  29. Leo Martin

    You know what takes me out of the zone? Having to reach down and pull my kick drum back in the middle of every song because the ratty carpet on stage is worn down to nothing. Solid idea, sir!

  30. Chris Horter

    Brilliant!  You have something here, best of luck!

  31. Oscar Soriano

    This is absolutely genius! I mean the video says it all!

  32. David Jung

    I’ve one of the few to actually touch a KBrake. They are of a strudy construction, and should be able to withstand repeated jam sessions. Wes has a winner here!

  33. Darold Keely

    I’m very surprised that one of the drum manufacturers has not already tried to develop a product like the Kbrake . As seen in the video this product stabilizes the base drum eliminating the chance of the drum creeping away them the drummer. This product will out perform the straight leg presently sold with all drum sets making this a very profitable item!

  34. Sarah Bricker

    Best of luck, this looks amazing!

  35. Nicole Burns

    You have done it… I know bringing your idea to life has been along road but I am so excited for you to make it happen. KBrakes are truly the real deal…

  36. Justin Beitzel

    This is a really awesome product! It is obvious that you’ve put a ton of time and thought into your design. I think you’ve nailed it!
    If this gets funded I know a bunch of other drummers who will definitely be lined up to get these.

  37. Jo Tanis

    Great idea Wes!!!!  I’m spreading the word on this great product!

  38. Wes Keely


    Thanks to everyone who has been checking out KBrakes, we’re really excited about it and hope to get these in everyones hands very soon! - KBrakes “Dum Slide Prevention Technology”

  39. Wes Keely


    Thanks to everyone who has been checking out KBrakes, we’re really excited about it and hope to get these in everyones hands very soon! - KBrakes “Dum Slide Prevention Technology”

  40. Steve Filpansick

    Bitchin! I need a set for the studio! What’s a guy got to do to get a set of these?!?

  41. Tracey Searles

    Awesome idea! Best of luck!

  42. Leah Marie

    So simple but a very effective solution. Good luck Wes!

  43. Brad Moxey

    Dude! This is awesome. Evergreen Terrace would love to play this product:)

  44. Jeffrey Fike

    I think that not only does every drummer need one of these, but every band or venue that owns a drum set. It’d be nice if these were standard issue with all drum sets.

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on February 14, 2013.