Lrip Inventory

A clean, mobile & cloud platform designed to help small teams manage inventory.

What's the big idea?

Current inventory tools address businesses as a whole, or individuals; they don’t address small R&D teams. Most small teams within a company can’t use a simple app with info stored on the phone because they need to collaborate. They also can’t wield the bulky corporate tools (like microsoft dynamics); so they end up abusing excel spreadsheets. Our platform addresses this pain point for small teams; with cloud & mobile access and changes reflected in real-time.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

1) Skyware Inventory. Cloud based inventory for small businesses. Simple cloud based inventory tool, yet no mobile component and tailored for in/out (buying & selling) inventory for business.

2)SohoOS. Cloud based business everything tool for small businesses. Good tool, but too much for our niche.

How are you different from that player?

We are trying to figure out why so many teams still use excel, and what it takes to disrupt that. We won’t offer (at least for now) other non-essential services. We’re focused on nailing the pain behind small team inventory management, and then scaling that into a profitable product.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

R&D teams will be able to design/build products faster without wasting effort on inventory management. Plus, there will be fewer swear words hurled at excel spreadsheets and other “robust” business tools.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Because we know to start at the pain, not the idea. Our team has credentials (Wharton MBA, Marriott School Strategy Alumn), but more importantly we’re obsessed with finding the right solution to the pain, instead of creating a product and then trying to sell it.

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  1. Brian McCoy

    I’m personally acquainted with the author of this idea and have complete confidence in him and his idea.

  2. Dal Adamson


    You’re such a lawyer, but Thanks!

  3. John Grace

    I like it but are you actually going to come out to Michigan to present?

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