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What's the big idea?

The Marcuski combines the love of wake boarding with the finesse of slalom water skiing . While longer and narrower than a traditional wake board, it boasts the control of a slalom water ski. The Marcuski carves and cuts through the water with the elegance of slaloming, while maintaining the sideways stance of a wake board.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

CWB is one of the primary manufactures of wakeboards, which allow for a sideways stance and a large platform to stand on which is preferable for executing and landing complex airborne maneuvers.  HO Sports and Connelly manufacture slalom water skis, which allow sharp and acute turning capabilities.

How are you different from that player?

The Marcuski is different from a wakeboard in that it is longer and narrower. Also, the curve along the bottom is concave whereas wakeboards are convex. Currently slalom skis only allow the feet of the rider to be placed one in front of the other, whereas the Marcuski allows for a sideways stance.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

By combining the popular sideways stance of wakeboarding with the slalom capabilities of slalom water skiing, the Marcuski has a large potential to be marketed to all ages in the water sport demographic. A large scale manufacturing company will be needed to supply the growing demand of the Marcuski.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

As the original inventor, Rocott Co. has firsthand experience with the frustrations aroused from wakeboarding and slalom skiing. We know there’s a growing need for a water sport that fixes these problems. Our team has the skill set and knowledge to manufacture products and run a profitable business.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

Rocott Co. will use the funds to develop and test an efficient and economical solution to manufacturing water sports boards. Mainly, the funds will be used to procure a two piece mold to be used in the manufacturing process of the Marcuski.

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  1. Jeff Rylaarsdam

    What a great idea!  My kids can’t wait to try it someday.

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