New Era Green Energy LLC.

New design in anaerobic digesters that processes any organic waste much faster, making clean energy. not yet

What's the big idea?

A new approach to to anaerobic digestion that will thoroughly digest any organic waste at a much faster rate, with a byproduct of high quality methane [natural] gas and high quality liquid fertilizer. Organic waste left to rot will produce a foul odor [hydrogen sulfide] and methane, both are potent greenhouse gasses, that are harmful to our environment.  Small digesters placed at the location where organic waste is produced, such as restaurants, schools, small farms, sport complexes, off the grid living etc. Our dream is manufacture and service digesters, creating many jobs in Mi. and beyond.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There is an aerobic digester that can be placed a the source of food waste, that discharges the treated waste into the sewer system, but the greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. It uses energy in its process instead of creating energy.

How are you different from that player?

Our digester will create clean green energy while eliminating the odor of a garbage receptacle. Our digester could also be connected to the sewer system for its discharge without raising the BOD at the treatment plant.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

The field is wide open for small on site digesters, and there is no lack of waste. We forsee a big demand being created by the DEQ and EPA as they tighten standards for waste disposal. Digesters also create carbon credits by keeping the greenhouse gasses from destroying the ozone layer.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We have had an interest in anaerobic digestion since the 70’s, in what we called our mother earth days. With energy shortages and ever increasing awareness of our fragile planet, we decided it was time to run with our idea, and over the last four years we created a better process of waste disposal.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We need to build another small digester to do an independent study to validate our system. With an award of 5k we could get the materials necessary to accomplish this goal and get us one step closer to safe and efficient handling of organic waste,and closer to creating many jobs in our community.

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  1. Wayne E. Craker


    Here we go again for another try at the business competition at We visited the SG advisor event on Tuesday and got some good pointers. please lend your support in the next week with a vote vote for NEGE

  2. Douglas Huesdash

    I have been working with Wayne for almost two years now.  He is the most innovative and resourceful person I know.  There have been numerous visitors to the site to explore and validate this solution.  I support Wayne and his desire that his digestion system create valuable jobs and provide a valuable solution to serious environmental conditions.  Please vote and spread the word.

  3. Wayne E. Craker


    I am still learning how to navigate the social media, ie FB. I was in Florida when I signed up for FB so it says my home is in Fl. I went back and changed my profile, but it still came up BPK FL on my application for SG. Sorry for the confusion on that.

  4. Jeff Totten

    Wayne has completed a lot of work on a very tight budget.  He is getting very encouraging results with the equipment he has built to date.  With small digesters, energy can be made at (or close to) the waste source.  Transporation and distribution costs can be minimized.  This system has also shown great promise at completing the digestion process at a much faster pace.  Getting funding at the $5K will allow a lot of the testing and proof of concept to take place.

  5. Patrick Small

    I have known Wayne for over a decade and personally witnessed his entrepreneurial vision for New Era Green Energy take shape. As a practicing community planner, I wholeheartedly support his pursuit of this practical and scalable clean energy solution. With development support from Startgarden, the anaerobic digester system has the potential for widespread application as a sustainable, cost-effective and accessible energy alternative. If all great things come from small beginnings, then the time for action is now and your endorsement is a contribution towards this promising investment.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on May 09, 2013. Since then...

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