New media outlet devoted to startups everywhere else covering with real journalism

What's the big idea? is a new media startup devoted to becoming the voice of startups everywhere else. Startups outside of the two major hubs have widely been ignored. We want to continue covering startups everywhere else by traveling around the country and seeing startups everywhere else. We’ve already started the business and have a unique opportunity to move out of a cramped car and into a bus, a virtual newsroom on wheels going through the high and low parts of the USA covering startups.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

TechCrunch, PandoDaily, VentureBeat are some of the players in the field. They are chosen because they cover the big flashy startups who routinely get 7 and 8 figure investments.

How are you different from that player?

Our idea, for is fundamentally inline with startgarden. We want to cover the smaller parts of the country the “everywhere else” that hasn’t been covered. We’ve been doing a great job of it so far but need an investment of some kind to take it to the next level

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Startups from every part of the United States would get more media coverage. Startups in Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Wisconsin and everywhere else would have an outlet to be heard and reached via media

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  1. Kyle Shannon


    Please support us

  2. Ryan Bakke

    This is an idea for a startup covering startups. Let’s see what new direction this company can take the news. It might be interesting to combine/create a business directory and networking service as part of Niblitz. A bit like a yellow pages of otherwise unlisted or lesser known companies and the services they provide.  I would like to know if there is a way to make the directory info available for free.

  3. Tony Hannides

    This is a great idea. Why? Because this site focuses on new startups that haven’t gotten their big break yet. Nibletz is the big break. You really want to see fresh ideas? Go here.

  4. Stormy-and Kristina-Beach

    We definitely need something like Nibletz in our lives. It will be a great place to find new ideas, new company’s and great products that could potentially be HUGE game changers in our lives. It is hard enough to find a start-up that has a great idea or product in the vast WWW. Having a single location to see new and emerging things is going to be a good thing for consumers, investors and businesses. Who knows, one new start up might spark your own idea and start up.

  5. Russell Holly

    I, for one, am sick of seeing start up blogs that only cover Silicon Valley. There’s a great big world out there full of people making great things and having great ideas. My brief experience with Nibletz has clearly demonstrated that they intend to tell the world about startups from everywhere, and you can’t ask for a better plan than that.

  6. Tyler Robb

    I really like the idea but I’m not the biggest fan of the name. If the content is good people will visit regardless, but a new name might be helpful. A problem I foresee is if I was to recommend verbally, they wouldn’t know to use a ‘Z’ at the end and might unknowingly use an ‘S’.

  7. Jack Wrigley

    Great idea!  You guys rock and have my FULL support!!!

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