nuDAWN HEAT will be the most safe, efficient, durable, and odorless heater offered in the world.

What's the big idea?

There is a growing number, thousands, of people that are dying every year from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Our patented JetCOrrect technology has drastically lowered these fatal exhaust gases.  nuDAWN HEAT is made of the highest quality materials and will be the last portable source of heat a person needs to buy.  We designed nuDAWN to be a space heater and food/beverage warmer.  Also, nuDAWN incorporates a brand new “smart” sensor that takes 20 second readings of the surrounding air and if needed, can shut the unit down based on harmful carbon monoxide levels.  It’s the “cadillac” of heaters

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Mr. Heater corporation manufactures the “Buddy” heater.  Currently, they practically have a monopoly on the market and is the only portable heater marketable as “indoor” safe.  They will have a competitive edge on price point but their units durability and quality frustrate many of their customers.

How are you different from that player?

The most significant difference is nuDAWN’s drastically lower carbon monoxide emissions.  Secondly, the overall quality and durability of our unit is at a whole new level.  Third, because of our type of burn system,  there is virtually no odor from our heater.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Our patented technology is currently being used in one application, a portable space heater.  However, we can and will design other types of burners using the same technologies but on different scales.  There is market potential in the home heating industry as well as many other applications.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We have been working on this venture since early 2002.  It’s been our mission to see this technology get to market because we know that it will help save people’s lives.  We already know the demand is there through tradeshows and social media and we can’t wait to get nuDAWN HEAT to the global market

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We have already established the market demand through local distributors, social media, and tradeshow attendance.  The $5,000 would be used for a very creative focus group session where we would get nuDAWN HEAT in front of a large group and get some real candid feedback on how much they would pay.

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  1. Kevin Stoltz


    Hey everybody!  Well, we rolled the dice with our crowdfunding campaign and even though we didn’t reach our goal, we got a fantastic response to nuDAWN HEAT and it’s many benefits.  Now we are submitting our idea to Start Garden which was founded by Rick DeVoss.  Please check out our idea submission and comment/share it with your friends.  Thanks again from Kevin and Dan :-)

  2. Sara Schultz

    I have seen this heater in action - the amount of heat it puts off is amazing! Of course I am impressed with the benefit of longer burning time on a tank of fuel and no CO emissions, but mostly I am looking forward to owning one for my own use. With the nuDawn Heater in hand I can work comfortably on my enclosed porch or in the garage in the winter, take it out on the boat when fishing late in the season or at night and loan it to my friend during hunting season (a fair trade for some fresh venison!) The design and materials are top-grade. A high quality product.

  3. David Page

    I’ve been using a Mr. Heater for outdoor work and play and can attest to it’s problems. Your innovation looks amazing. How would it hold up on a construction job site?

  4. Kevin Stoltz


    Hi David,

    Thanks for your comment.  The heater will heat up to approx 200 square feet of space.  Depending on the size of the construction site, it could do the job.  However, we do have plans to develop a larger burner that would be the equivalent of BTU’s you would get from a salamander heater….without the stink and CO.  Do you have a construction company?

  5. Stewart Christian

    I want one for my deer blind!

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