OneBowl is a microwave-safe single serving bowl with a built-in strainer.

What's the big idea?

This product is designed to allow the user to cook, strain, eat, and store their food all in OneBowl. OneBowl is perfect for noodles, rinsing fruit, or just an everyday cereal bowl. Just rotate the handle an eighth of a turn to open the holes and turn OneBowl into a working strainer. Rotate the handle back to starting position and OneBowl is water tight. This motion is designed to be keep both hands away from hot water making it safe to use. The bowl has a snap on lid for fridge storage and on-the-go meals. OneBowl saves you storage space and takes one more dirty dish out of the picture.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Currently there is not a single serving bowl with a built in strainer on the market. The nearest player in my field is OXO Good Grips Bowl and Colander 3 piece set. This product is the same size, stores easily, has a lid, and is sold for $25 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

How are you different from that player?

When using the OXO bowl and strainer, those items have to be washed separately. OneBowl eliminates the need to wash your strainer separately. OneBowl also has a handle for convenience. OneBowl offers slightly more usability than OXO and will be offered at a lower price point of $15.99.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

There are 13.6 million college students in the U.S. and 2 million new students cycling in every year. With plastic injection molding, about 120,000 bowls can be made domestically per month with one tool. OneBowl can also be scaled to a larger size serving bowl with a built-in strainer for families.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

My target market is college students. I relate directly to this market and have contact to over 25,000 students at GVSU. As a marketing and sales major, I can use my skills and leverage my connection with students to put the product in the hands of users to take pre-orders and get feedback.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

$5,000 will get a working product, designed by Tiger Studios, in my hands and ready to take to my target market for pre-orders and feedback; the most valuable customer validation. I plan to set up a table at GVSU on several different days to get the product in hundreds of college students’ hands.

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  1. Kelsey Brandsen

    There have been MANY occasions where One Bowl would’ve made my life so much easier. I cannot wait until I am able to purchase my very own!

  2. Karen Brandsen

    This would be so handy for lunch on the go, can’t wait until these are available for purchase!

  3. Arthur Havlicek

    This fantastic idea will be a staple in the kitchen of anyone who ever wants to make a single serving of ramen, spaghetti or even cereal. I know I wish I had one and I cannot wait until I am able to!

  4. Alexandra Smith

    I want one of these! Can’t wait until I can buy one.

  5. Emily VanderLee

    Wow! What a clever idea. This would make for a great “going off to college” gift. Less dishes to wash too, ALWAYS a plus. I want one!!!!!

  6. Vanessa Gore

    For as much Ramen as I go through, this product would be perfect! And not as many dishes to wash - double bonus. Put me down for a pre-order!

  7. Jessica Carlson

    This is an ideal product for not only pasta, but anything you want to strain and eat fresh! Can’t wait to have one of my own!

  8. Hattie Straube

    Pasta on the go?! Sign me up!!

  9. Marc Marras

    Great idea, perfect for quick college meals!

  10. Brooke Ronnell Tomcsik

    I thought this was such a cool idea. I definitely want one.

  11. Kristen Fitzpatrick

    Great idea Justin! Can’t wait until I can buy my own OneBowl!

  12. May Herd

    This will save space in my little apartment.  When can I get one?

  13. Karen McKenna Alofs

    Pretty clever Justin!

  14. Angela Diorio

    This would’ve made four years easier!! Great idea justin!

  15. Amanda Herd Novak

    What great product for all ages! This would be perfect to take to work!

  16. Joanne Herd

    Love the snap on lid~Great idea for lunches on the go!  Also love the fact that fruit can be picked from the garden, rinsed and stored in OneBowl !!

  17. Paul Schrems

    Great idea that I could see myself using everyday! I thought it should have won the Accelerate MI student competition because if it made it to Target shelves this bowl would sell Millions!

  18. Sondra Workman

    I love the idea.  I hate getting my strainer out to dirty one more dish.  I would love to see it on the market.

  19. Jake Czarniecki

    I can see these being gifts at high school graduation parties. I know I would have liked to get one!

  20. Audrey Tensen

    I love this idea! I live in a VERY small studio apartment so storage space is a big issue for me. This would really narrow down the number of kitchen items I have to find a home for. I can’t wait to purchase one.

  21. Lucy M. Robinson

    Man, I wish I could buy OneBowl now.  It would make such a great Christmas gift!  I normally use a dish or my hands to drain my noodles just to avoid getting out the colander. This would be so much more convenient!

  22. Iain Novak

    i’m most impressed by the changes in this project to make a good product great.  it seems your target market is just the beginning, as there is an even broader demand beyond college students.  looks like someone did their home work.

  23. Cameron Ritsema

    Not only is OneBowl the only item I need for all of my pasta needs, it would also be effective for straining my tea and keeping out all of those undesirable long leaf tea leaves; among many other valuable services and functions.  OneBowl will literally change the way meals are done!

  24. Bryan Wilkinson

    Great Idea!  After you establish this product I suggest taking it on Shark Tank and getting a deal with!  I see OneBowl having a future on QVC!  Good luck!

  25. Jordan Herd

    I eat Ramen noodles all the time, this would be so useful!

  26. Hilary Estep

    I would looooooove to use this for fruit for my kids, grapes in bowl, wash them, cover them, ready to eat!

  27. Sarah Beric

    Great idea! Fantastic little product!! All the best with your ideas and plans!

  28. Elizabeth 'Flaka' Cruz

    Fantastic idea! Sign me up for one of these!

  29. Sam Hogg

    I would use this 5/7 days of the week, easily, and I’m 31 years old.

  30. Sara Vander Zanden

    This is a perfect product for a person who enjoys preparing and eating homemade food, but resents the clean-up afterward. Can’t wait to purchase one!

  31. Austin Skittles James

    Amazing concept! Being a college kid I eat an abundance of noodle based meals and this would make it so much easier and faster. I could honestly see myself using this 4-5 times a week, Splendid work sir!

  32. Thom Kubeshesky

    Great idea. Can’t wait to get mine! Keep up the good work, Justin!

  33. Paul Pung

    This is perfect for Ramen Noodles! I really hope this wins!

  34. Zoe Bruyn

    I am a college student, and I would buy this in a heartbeat! This is a great idea that will help save so much space in my apartment!

  35. Taylor Ann Groenhout

    I don’t eat Ramen Noodles or Mac ‘n’ Cheese but I actually like to strain my soup… so I am super excited for this product to come out, so I can buy and eat my soup with ease!!

  36. Dave Nitkiewicz

    I’m going on my 13th college semester…I wish this had been around sooner! Great idea!

  37. Brad Gill

    I like it! why didn’t I think of that :P I may have to buy one once they come out!

  38. Breana Luther

    amazing idea!!  :)  can’t wait until they can be bought!

  39. Laura Schmidt Gentry

    Love it!  I would use this for so many different things.  This would also be a big hit with my 8-yr-old daughter who loves to make her own Ramen!  It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and safe!

  40. Alaina Grace Clarke

    Yes! Would LOVE one of these. Would have been perfect in my undergrad as an art student, for sure!

  41. Todd Hoezee

    I would use one bowl all the time. I cant wait until its available for purchase!

  42. Devin McCarthy

    What a great product

  43. Michael Matych

    Wow! What a terrific idea! This is perfect for me and I can not wait to get my hands one of those bad boys!

  44. Michael Kurley

    My kitchen is pretty messy and cluttered, primarily because I hate washing things and 4 bowls will use up all the space I have in my dishwasher…I can definitely see myself making much more spaghetti with this.  Count me in as a customer!

  45. Luke Snider

    Wow, I need one of these! Or two!

  46. John Campbell

    Wow.  What an idea.  So simple, yet so ingenious in it’s usefulness.  I can think of several more uses than have already been mentioned above.  I think this is one of those products that will make people say “Why didn’t I think of that.”  I think you have a home run here.  Good luck sir.

  47. Mac McMillan

    I like the idea and I am sure it came to you independently, but I thought I would share a competitor:;=&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_dining_&gclid=CNnDtZWs97wCFfJ9OgodiRwANg

    It’s had a few designs and this version has been sold for the last 9 months I believe.  It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t differentiate your product through design and marketing.  Good luck.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on December 26, 2013.