Proper Soda

Highlighting each single, natural, different ingredient to making interesting and tasty sodas.

What's the big idea?

There are ingredients that haven’t been used in sodas that would be our focus. There are other ingredients that have been used, but have been married with high-fructose corn syrup, for beverages that are not as tasty as they could, or should, be. Our goal is to take a natural ingredient and highlight it, to create great tasting, interesting sodas. Drawing on existing infrastructure, combining them with good quality ingredients, to make new, exciting, and delicious sodas.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Dry Sodas, Izze.

How are you different from that player?

These sodas will be different in a couple of key ways.
1: Quality branding that pays homage to the beer industry, telling a bit of the storied histories of quality, with single images, and also throughout the whole product line. 
2: Interesting ingredients that other players are not using.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

This soda line is designed to grow. Professional beverage producing companies have agreed to do this small scale run, with the goal of making this line one of their staple production runs. These companies produce millions of beverages per year.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

With 12 years history in the consumer beverage industry, I have vast experience in what people enjoy drinking. Combining this experience with companies that produce beverages commercially is a match poised for growth. Tenacity, and a never-give-up attitude are at my core.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

Initial funding will be used towards having a small run of cans produced as a ‘prototype’, to help gauge interest in launching full scale production runs.

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  1. Kathy Jerore

    There is a supplement that uses hops as an ingredient for inflammation.  You may be on to something that has side benefits, not side effects.

  2. Stephen Curtis


    Thanks for the reply Kathy. There are a few different purported benefits to hops for sure. 
    We are just here to make a great tasting beverage first, with the side ‘benefits’ being an added bonus!

  3. Ben DeJong


  4. Elaina Garrison

    I think this is a great idea Stephen. You make the best coffee I’m sure your sodas will be amazing too!  I miss your coffee .. and that’s saying something considering I live near Seattle now :)

  5. Paul Harmelink

    Am all over the Rhubarb Strawberry!

  6. Yvonne Wright Curtis

    I really like Strawberry Rhubarb pie and jam, so a strawberry rhubarb soda sounds delicious!  What other favors are in the first run, or can ‘t you say?  Can’t wait, as they say. . . But suppose I will have too. :-)

  7. Stephen Curtis


    First run will be Hops, from there we will see!

  8. Chris McKellar

    Cool stuff - have you produced some test batches yet?

  9. Stephen Curtis


    Hi Chris, It has been tested, and I really enjoy how it tastes! This ‘prototype’ is a small commercial batch, instead of me making it by hand. Thanks for the interest!

  10. Brad Holmes

    Can’t wait to try some!

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