Santa and his reindeer live 24/7 on the internet. 1.2 Million visitors in the first season.

What's the big idea?

Six weeks before Christmas 2011, we decided to post live video of Santa’s reindeer on the internet. After an aggressive grass roots media blitz and with a little luck we managed to attract 1.2MM visitors to RDC in 10 days. The website was covered by several national media outlets including CNN.

The success of the site is tied to two key factors: 1) Santa feeding the reindeer at set times (something kids could look forward to) and 2) The ability for people to engage with one another through either our Facebook feed or by uploading their own photos.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are several live feed websites, including and a hand full of others. Their are also quite a few websites hosted by zoos, businesses and sometimes individuals that feature specific animals.

How are you different from that player?

Quality - Our cameras our high quality security cameras instead of standard webcams.

Website - Our website was built by professionals at great expense to handle potential bandwidth issues and run as smooth as butter.

Santa - We’ve got the Jolly old man in the red suit on our side. :)

How's the world different with your idea in it?

The world is just a little bit more magical :)

“Thank you, thank you SO much! I think it is what we all needed with times as they are…you were Angels, not Elves :)” - Rhonda Hafner

For more of an idea, go to and read the thousands of comments received in December!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We are tech-savvy farmers that truly care about people and what we do. Further more, we’re entrepreneurs with no intention of being anything else. We’re willing to learn hard lessons, take big risks and remain confident that the reward is worth it.

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  1. JoHn HeRrInG ROCKS!!!! It was awesome reading all the stories submitted by viewers around the WORLD on how RDC changed their Christmas!!!!

  2. Allysa Dowden

    I absolutely love reindeer cam!

  3. Sharon Fletcher

    I love watching ReindeerCam. After a long and stressfull day the reindeer are calming to watch. They are beautifull animals. I love to write to them and send messages from Lincoln, Lizzie and Peanut. They like watching them too!

  4. Leslie Rylander Freeman

    I think the cam is a great idea. recommended it to a lot of people last yr.

  5. Michelle Konecny

    It’s amazing that these guys have done this just purely to bring joy and wonderment to millions of people. It just shows how big their hearts are.

  6. Denise Pridemore

    I really like watching the reindeer. It is actually relaxing.

  7. Stephanie Lynn Jennings

    Watched this at Christmas and my kids loved it.  Its a great idea and to be honest I checked in after Christmas too.  My three year old was amazed with the reindeer and she still asks about them.

  8. Amanda Cooper

    It is amazing how it got the kids attention during the holiday season. Just sad we missed Santa christmas eve leaving :( we still check in through the year to see the reindeer.

  9. Lauren Parker

    My 4 year old daughter LOVED watching Santa and his reindeer. She loved seeing Santa feed them and read to them. It was just an amazing sight to see the joy on her face that this website brought.

  10. Stephanie Pakatar

    Loved the reindeer cam ~ it’s magical and brought out the kid in me (I’m 46)  :)  The people who has brought Reindeer Cam to us purely have hearts of gold, and bring joy and smiles to people of all ages.  Thank you!

  11. Diane Fisher Hill

    It was so exciting for me and my grandkids to watch over last holiday season.  We saw it snow one day, saw Santa loading his sled, and saw the empty pen.  It was nice to look later and see the reindeer growing new antlers.  Cant’ wait ‘till next Christmas!

  12. Vicki Gable

    This past Christmas was the first without my husband ( he died very unexpectedly earlier in the year). This site gave our children and myself the only bright spot we had this season…..with all of us watching the time and crowding round the computer to watch Santa. we still check in at least once daily, if not more. Very educational, entertaining site….pure and unsullied.

  13. Char Semenchuk

    My kids turned in daily to watch the reindeers.  What a great idea.. we thank you for it!

  14. Phyllis Reeves

    Had a terrific time watching this with my Grandson. Thank you for making such a special time for us.

  15. Nicole Lakis

    Watching as my daughter watched Santa take off on Christmas Eve was magical. She ran up to bed knowing he was on his way.

  16. Kim Davis-Walls

    RDC is THE BEST website for the kids during the Christmas holidays!  I had my grandkids watch almost every day in December and they enjoyed it sooooo much.  I found myself looking even when the kids were not around.  I loved it as much as they did.  I watch even now that Christmas is over and the Site has been a source of enjoyment just watching what Santa’s “Elves” are doing with the deer and the pen.  I would love to see them win money to keep this going.  I would love to make a donation to help them, but due to financial hardships I just cannot afford it so if my posting this can help them in any way I GLADLY will post what I can to help!

  17. Sandi Sauer Geurkink

    We love this sight. Have told many of our friends about it and they love it. Our grandkids get so excited when Santa shows up with his little deer friend. Keep up the great work.

  18. Tammi Willett-Peck

    This site is AWESOME.  It’s fun to watch the reindeer and to see Santa. I sure my grandaughter will love it this year….she’ll be 3.(her bday in 12/23)

  19. Karen Looman

    I’m in my 60’s and still enjoy watching the reindeer, especially the changes they’ve been going through.

  20. Maddy Pcholinsky

    i love this idea of being able to see the deer. my father in his 50s got me watching them and checking on them every day. i am 31. i tell my students about the deer all the time. i am working on being able to use the deer in my classroom as a teaching tool, and as a way for the children to calm from their frustrations by watching the deer.

  21. Emma Hardwick

    This is a wonderful site. I have learned a great deal about Reindeer. The different times the male and the female shed and re grow their antlers, and their coats, plus I have enjoyed watching their behavior. This site helps me feel calm on a stressful day. It has brought out the “Kid” in me during Christmas time, I lost so many years ago. I really appreciate the hard work and dedication this group of young people have done, to bring so much joy into the lives of so many people. I have great admiration and respect for them. Thank you,!! You are the best!!

  22. Karen Milne-Murray

    This is a great site for children of all ages. In this day and age it is nice that kids can go to this site and still believe in Santa and his reindeers.

  23. Tom Maas

    It is amazing!!

  24. Tammi Walker-Quintana

    This is the best thing! My now 9 year old is on the edge & it is stuff like this that keeps that little spark of believing!  We checked out the Reindeer at least once a day (mostly 4 or 5) & it was a lot of fun. We not watch them rest for the remainder of the year but when December comes around you can bet we will be watching & waiting.  Love it!

  25. Michelle Mitchell

    Reindeercam is THE BEST hands down for the whole family to enjoy all year round. They helped my family ( kids) get through a Christmas without thier dad last year. And now holds a special place in our hearts! We look forward to this Christmas watching the reindeer and Santa with Dad :)

  26. Khris Svela

    This site thrilled soooo many people, just for the thrill of it.  They continue to invest and improve, all at their own expense!!  Help Reindeercam keep the dream alive!!

  27. Chris Mocuik-Weber

    Reindeer cam is great. My granddaughters just love to watch them. We look forward to watching again and again.

  28. Vicki Goedert

    Reindeer cam was awesome - even our older non believers were in front of the computer screen watching Santa load his sleigh on Christmas Eve.  It was truly magical!!

  29. Laurie Beckstead-Conlon

    Reindeer Cam was on in the background as we did the Christmas baking together.  We had so much fun watching Santa load the sleigh on Christmas Eve!  We still check in throughout the year to see how things are.  This will definitely become a family tradition in our house.

  30. Kelly Jones Schoonover

    My family and I love this website.

  31. Tiffany Greene

    I love!!  My kids loves it also!! rocks!!

  32. Lana Scholz Richards

    My little boy Elijah( who was 6) was going through chemo and was very sick around Christmas. He didn’t have very much energy and the Holidays were kind of a drag for him that year. We found the site and he spent hours with the lap top in the recliner watching Santa’s reindeer. It was a God send!

    ( The treatments worked and Elijah is healthy!)

  33. Deane Whitaker

    Grandkids loved it.  They were always wanting to check Santas reindeer.  We still check to see how they are doing.

  34. Cherie Robinson

    This site is loved by both children and adults!  Hope to see it continue for years to come.

  35. Lisa Gibbs Grossman

    This is a great site for children of all ages.

  36. Jeanette Fraser

    Great site for all

  37. Jeanette Fraser

    Great site for all ages!

  38. Angela Baldwin

    I watch them every day and was so happy that they’re here, even after Christmas. I learn a lot about them first hand, not just from National Geographic’s standpoint; their antler shedding cycles, how they sleep and play, and how they thrive in different seasons. I love them, and would feel great sadness if they weren’t around to see anymore. I have a lot of friends and family hooked on the site everyday too! Thanks so much for them. We love them so!

  39. Adam Loveless

    Just had a chance to read through these comments! Thank you all so much for the support! Drew and I really appreciate it. Just wait for this year—we’ve only just begun.

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