Spectators become photographers. Photographers make more by automating photos matched to runners.

What's the big idea?

Custom technology & a system where spectators take photos of runners, automatically matching photos to each runner using facial & bib recognition. Runners can find pics & download or have an online printer send prints.

The system powers photographers to take more pictures at more races, as we do all the hard work, all in one system. The platform also allows multiple photographers to be at an event, usually there is only one company per event. This is extremely valuable at large events with 10k+ runners.

Photographers are using our system, telling us that this is exactly what they need.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

MarathonFoto and local photographers provide pictures to runners.  They take photos and manually match up to the runners, or they don’t do matching and runners have to scroll through 100’s of pics to find the one of themselves.  Several local photographers are using our system.

How are you different from that player?

We don’t take photos, we gather others photos and then match them to each runners. We can provide matches to any/all events, photographers are only at 5% of the events. Current process is very manual, our system is automated. We can and are powering photographers so they can focus on taking pics.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

In the US there are over 41k annual running events, plus school sports, little leagues, biking, etc.  This is a self-service digital e-commerce platform for printing & downloads.  Within 10 days of sending a few emails, 50 races signed up (providing positive feedback), with over 30k runners.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

An avid runner for 15 years & have helped organized races. I understand the pain points for all involved. I have been programming for 14 years with great business focus & execution. I have the big picture in mind, with focus on immediate traction. I will pivot as needed to address the market.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

The recognition software works great. The funds will help us automate manual processes like loading the photos into the recognition software. We will be able to process more events, faster. Runners will be able to buy prints also. We have partnered with a low cost online photo printing company.

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  1. Amit Wadhwani

    Nice idea! Good luck guys!

  2. Stephen Coverdale

    Good idea would be great to see it launched in many of the other event categories you have mentioned.

  3. Ash Laj

    Great idea,includes runners,photographers,spectators ,developers…big buisness would love to see it launched.

  4. Sarika Wadhwani

    Best wishes!! Would love to have my picture when I participate in next race!!

  5. Gerald Paguio

    I am a photographer and this certainly sounds like a great help to us. Looking forward to it.

  6. Veroljub Zmijanac

    Best luck from Belgrade Running Club :)

  7. Sohel Rana

    Great idea! Good luck guys!

  8. Movie Foisal

    Good Idea.

  9. Pintu Kumar

    What an Idea sir zee!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shivpratik Habib

    Nice Idea! It would be really helpful for photographers.
    Good Going! All the Best!

  11. Ayan Saha

    Great Idea, appreciate.

  12. Kumar Guruswamy

    ENDORSE THIS IDEA” to ENdorsed

  13. Alamin Khan

    cool idea

  14. Enamul Haque Promy

    very good idea. I appreciate it and wish you success.

  15. Robiul Hossain

    Amazing and Appreciable idea! Hope it would be very successful and helpful for the people. Best of luck!

  16. Tanvir Alam Chowdhury

    Nice idea

  17. Sharifur Rahman

    great idia…..

  18. Sharifur Rahman

    idia excellent

  19. Masum Rana

    Very good idea.

  20. Ranjeet Wagh

    Wonderful solution !!! All The best !!!

  21. Divya Wadhwani


  22. Ahmedul Kabir

    Hey! This one really looks good. The concept itself is a very powerful one.
    Looking forward to see a great impact.

  23. Aayush Ojha

    Good going guys…. Best luck..!!!!

  24. Avinash Mendha

    Good work… :)

  25. Jayesh Upadhyay

    Awesome! wish you good luck with this Idea

  26. Bally Kehal

    Really like the idea. All the best

  27. Andrew Wong


    Thanks for all the support. remember to log into facebook then endorse. It seems like some people think they endosed, but didn’t.  Have to sign in before endorsing.

  28. Ashik Aunkur

    I like this idea. Good luck.

  29. Salvador Cayuela Padilla

    Great project! Good luck!

  30. Cathy Stone-Campbell

    This is a FANTASTIC Idea!!

  31. Mukund P Kale

    its Great ... I like very much this Idea….!!!!

  32. Ankita Jain

    Great idea..

  33. Ray Scarpa

    I like it, simple but brilliant!

  34. Bhawna Vishwakarma

    Good idea. Liked…......!!!!!!! :)

  35. Pallavi Patil


  36. Vinita Narang

    My hobby (Photography) seems more interesting to me by your help.
    Good going folks

  37. Dhiraj Kharate

    Looks good !! Let me knw when it gets launched..wish you luck with the event

  38. Rajiv Ranjan

    Good Job, keep it up !!

  39. Manish Baghel

    Good work, All the best !

  40. Atanas Tepavitcharov

    Nice! Keep it going!

  41. Himanshu Goil

    Thanks for all your support! Truly appreciated.

  42. Andrew Wong


    Please vote again :). We are in a new cycle.  Remember to login before clicking on endorse, that way the endorsement would count.

  43. Jon Berger

    Endorsed this morning and this evening, brother! Good luck! I have become a runner myself in recent years. You da man, Andy!

  44. Jessi Franko

    Good luck to you!  :-)

  45. Nerissa Cano

    Good luck sir!!!

  46. Tony Whalen

    Can you match if people wear masks or are zombies? I know there are some on those types of runs too?

  47. Ron Sharpp

    Unique idea which helps push Mobile Technology forward in exploration of the fullest extent of its possibilities! Social media, inter-connectivity, and personal photo blogging (the latest trend in social media) makes for a clever blend of forward innovation and on-the-pulse technology. Best of luck! I’ll be interested to see this grow.

  48. Andrew Wong


    Hey Tony,
    If everyone wears the same mask we can’t tell who is underneath the mask. But we can group group say all the same zombie masks together. Also on those races we would rely heavily on the bib recognition part of our software.

  49. Tammy Rae Hammann

    Good Luck!!! Thanks for all your help!!!

  50. Tanvir Alam Chowdhury

    good idea

  51. Sourov Salehin

    Great Idea

  52. Joy Sarker

    Great idea, good luck

  53. Rahul Uday Barpha

    Great luck

  54. Rajve Hafijur

    Great !

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