Silicone covered glass cup for kids. Easy to grip, safe to use, less breakage!

What's the big idea?

Several years ago, we were shocked to learn about all the toxic chemicals found in plastic. When it came to our kids, it seemed that everything they used was plastic, especially in feeding and drink ware. So we started our company Silikids®; making accessories out of silicone and providing a safer alternative to plastic. 

We are introducing the Siliskin® Glass, perfect for kids who are ready for a “big kid” cup. We developed a new patent pending Siliskin® design with built in shock absorption to help protect the glass from breakage, provide better grip and make glass the ‘norm again…

Describe the nearest player in your field.

EIO is a close competitor that uses a mason jar as a drinking cup with a sippy lid for toddlers, and has a sleeve that covers half of the glass for some protection.

How are you different from that player?

Our patent pending Siliskin® covers the entire glass cup and is capable of dropping and bouncing from extreme heights giving the glass 30x’s more protection than other glass cups out on the market.  The Siliskin Glass is also dishwasher and microwave safe and can be boiled to sterilize.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

We are making it easy for kids to use glass drink ware instead of toxic plastics linked to health problems such as heart disease, cancer and autism (to name a few).  By using glass we can also cut down on the huge environmental impact that un-recycled plastics have on our landfills and oceans.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Since 2006, we have been building our company Silikids out of a passion to provide safer, cleaner, greener products for our children.  We love what we do and push the limits of the entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to bring superior, innovative and creative products to the market!

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  1. Joel Westrate

    I like this.  I don’t vote until I can view all of the entries posted, but your product offering is a good one.

  2. Stacey Wehrman Feeley


    Hi Joel.  Thanks for the comment!  We hope to have your support and endorsement!  Looking forward to seeing what happens…

  3. Rosanna X Wehrman

    I have used other silikids products since they started.  The products are great! This company is run by real Mom’s, with real Kids, and they seem to know how to make the kid jobs just a little easier and more fun.  I like!

  4. Hank Feeley

    This is brilliant! We all need these, but with eight grand kids and ninth on the way, It’s an absolute must have.

  5. Diane Feeley

    Silikids has always been a favorite and sounds like it will always be! keep up the great work and new ideas….Diane

  6. Robert Walmon

    Your video and promotional material all look beautiful.  I am just wondering if I would really go to the trouble of putting these things on a glass and having an extra thing to wash.  Why not just buy a regular eco-friendly cup to begin with?

  7. Lee Alden

    If this product was generally well received for children it would also be very useful for the geriatric population who have more issues with being unsteady, difficulty seeing, etc

  8. Stacey Wehrman Feeley


    Thank you for all the responses and support! 

    @Robert - The Siliskin glass comes with the Siliskin sleeve already assembled and you can wash the glass in the dishwasher (or by hand) with the sleeve on it.  No need to take it on and off.  However, if you want to take if on and off you can as well.  One of the benefits of glass is that while other eco-cups are out there, the taste is not altered by metal cups like stainless and plastics.  Let me know if you have other questions! 

    @Lee - We completely agree and have even tested a much larger glass with a senior living community.  The added grip and less sweat from the liquids inside the glass does indeed make it easier to hold and we would love to expand the idea further to offer larger size glasses! 


  9. Joel Westrate

    Endorsed.  Good luck to you in this endeavor.

  10. Stacey Wehrman Feeley


    @Joel - Thanks for the support!

  11. Anne Harper Biard

    Silikids has the best products that my kids love to use and teaches them to be responsible for our planet.  My kids love to drink out of their Silikids glasses and I love the silicone sleeve that protects the glasses.  We love Silikids!!

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