Sing Song Yoga™ for kids

Sing Song Yoga™ is a kid's yoga DVD that uses songs to teach the poses.

What's the big idea?

The Sing Song Yoga™ DVD is a kid’s yoga program that uses songs to teach the poses. Deb Weiss-Gelmi is a yoga instructor & elementary school teacher who has produced a uniquely enchanting and effective yoga video for kids. By singing her instructions in rhyme, she makes everything easy to follow and remember. Real kids, from preschool to grade school, work with her on each pose. Beautifully produced by Kairos Productions of Grand Rapids MI, this is a wonderful resource for families, schools and after school programs, promoting relaxation, control, strength & flexibility.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Our largest competitors of children’s yoga videos appear to be Yoga Kids by Marsha Wenig, and Wi Lana’s Little Yogi’s.

How are you different from that player?

Sing Song Yoga™ is the first of its kind to have the instructions for each pose put to an easily remembered, simple song. This brain-friendly, engaging, activity will encourage children to enjoy the benefits of yoga for years, while striving to confidently reach his/her potential in everyday life.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

The world is a better place when a child learns early to be the leader of his or her own life.  Sing Song Yoga™ engages children in a unique way, naturally encouraging them to gain self-confidence, build coordination and skill level, strengthen and stretch the body while learning to focus on detail.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Sing Song Yoga™ has been a love of mine from its inception through to the sales of the DVD.  It’s a byproduct of my experiences teaching elementary school and yoga. Our product is like no other and our next step is marketing nationally! I intend to run with it no matter how far it goes!

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  1. Mary Weiss

    Go to this website and vote/endorse for my sister Deb’s kids yoga DVD to help be awarded grant money for starting up the business. Cool site and great opportunities for Michigan!

  2. Jamie Trost

    Endorse this!! It is awesome!!!!

  3. Deb Weiss-Gelmi


    Thank you Mary and Jamie!  I appreciate it!

  4. Ressie Stranaly

    Please go to this site, log on via Facebook, and vote for Song Song Yoga.  Great way to teach kids (and adults) yoga.

  5. Deb Weiss-Gelmi


    Thanks so much Ressie!  I very much appreciate it!

  6. Colleen Sullivan Green

    hmmm-not sure if I actually endorsed it or not. I clicked on it but are there any specific directions?

  7. Deb Weiss-Gelmi


    Thanks so much Colleen!  The endorsing was finished at noon on the 24th.  Thanks so much for supporting us!! :)  We were selected to be funded!

  8. Deb Weiss-Gelmi


    We are enjoying every aspect of Start Garden.  Meeting new people, sharing ideas, diving into new territories of learning, and setting the platform for testing some of our assumptions on the business end of Sing Song Yoga™.  One hypothesis we’re putting to the test, is that if we transform our current website from an amateur site to a professional design, along with some professional SEO, our Sing Song Yoga™ DVD sales will increase.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the results!  Meanwhile, we’re having a blast!

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