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The Electronic Dance Music Industry, re-created in real-time through the media of artists and fans.

What's the big idea?

SpinUtopia is a company built on the support of the Electronic Dance Music Industry. The SpinUtopia app accesses an extensive database of events from and displays them from closest to furthest from the user on the app.  Once an event is selected, the main feature is the “Join The Party” feature (TM of SpinUtopia LLC).  By joining the party, a DJ can stream and record a set live from an event and fans can listen in real-time.  Fans can also upload photos and videos at the event , all accessible in real-time to anyone on the app, this media lives forever on

Describe the nearest player in your field. has a streaming feature that is focused on EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and is gaining some market share.  MixCloud and SoundCloud allow artists to upload pre-recorded sets but are not live, they have a large share of the digital media market in EDM.

How are you different from that player?

SpinUtopia allows artists to stream and record their sets by plugging directly into their iPhone, removing the need for a PC and internet connection.  SpinUtopia also adds in the real event experience with a database of real events and the photos, videos and comments from the fans that are there.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

EDM is the largest music genre on the planet, fueled by an influx of digital artists.  We will monetize through ad platforms, premium accounts, corporate sponsorships, featured streams/events, ticket sales & some proprietary additions to protect artist through escrow /contract / reporting services.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I am a Product Marketing Manager for Cognex Corporation, my partner is an IT Consultant and Programmer. This company started from our passion and personal experience building careers in this industry, we have the personal and professional experiences needed to grow this to a global powerhouse.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

The goal for the $5,000 is to provide a model of scalability to clearly define ROI for a larger investment.  In a test, we spent $350 on a iPhone user targeted FB campaign; this yielded 1500 downloads & 250 users in 15 countries, $5,000 should paint a great picture of where this can go if funded.

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  1. Anthony Gene Ocampo

    Any Ideas on ROI?

  2. Shane LaChappelle


    That’s a loaded question :).  The goal for this submission is to obtain the 5k but more importantly, gain a seat at the table with a VC group that can influence our company in ways that are much more powerful than the monetary award.  We feel that with 5k we can create a model that makes a 20k and 500k investment make sense. At those levels, our goal is to be a multi-million dollar company so the ROI would be 400% plus.  At smaller levels, it’s provably not enough to jump start it solely and would rely on other investments.

  3. Mike French

    Does SpinUtopia already have a following?

  4. Shane LaChappelle


    Thanks for asking Mike!  SpinUtopia started with and then we introduced the app.  With the two combined we have around 12,000 users and growing daily, these users span 30+ countries.  The initial marketing test with the app showed us that there’s a lot of interest in European countries as well!

  5. Michael Luick

    Clearly you’ve thought this app through.  I’d wish you luck, but all you really need is the *spark to push this into the mainstream.  Question for ya though… when did you go live with your webpage and then when did you go live with the app?

  6. Shane LaChappelle


    Site launched in 2011, App in full form in March of 2013.  Thanks for the compliment Mike!

  7. Autumn Briggs

    What about users that use the Android platform and not iPhone?

  8. Shane LaChappelle


    There’s a huge Android demographic Autumn!!  If we obtain second level funding here, it will be the first thing we work on after a couple of site optimizations.  The iPhone has very strong audio capabilities built into iOS and it’s dedicated to iPhone hardware, it allowed us to roll out the first app on a controlled environment that was going to be high quality and easily learned from.  Keep an eye out for the Android app if we get some funding!

  9. LaLa Renee

    There ya go dear. Good pck

  10. Jenny Palmer

    Spin U!  DaNcE On FeLlAs!

  11. Shane LaChappelle


    Lot of people contacting me on FB about this with questions, appears there are some issues with logging in and commenting.  If anyone has a question for me or wants to contact me directly… .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  12. Shane LaChappelle


    Congratulations to Helo shorts for last weeks funding!!  We’re still going strong and would love to work with this VC group, so…. here we go again!

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on November 14, 2013. Since then...

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