SpyCrowd shows users what the hottest business and events are trending within a specified location. townfetch.com

What's the big idea?

It’s Friday night, you’re looking for something fun, you check online but you cannot find anything local. The problem is, that your friends aren’t talking about anything near you.  The businesses you are following are the same old.  You want something new, close, and good.  What is going on NOW.

This is where we comes in - we solve the problem by taking data from across the web and rank the most talked about businesses & events.  We do all the hard work based on what you’re interested in. We pick up your geo-location and list and rank the most talked about businesses and local events.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

We are similar to FourSquare in that SpyCrowd helps to find local places and provides validation with check ins.

Unlike 4 square We rank the business then show you all the data, reviews, deal, posts, tweets, from across the web, within the time period you select, whether today or last weekend.

How are you different from that player?

How we’re different, is that we show what businesses or events have the most chatter online.  We base our results on what’s trending. 
Our philosophy focuses on highlighting businesses and events that are most talked about and providing users all the information around the web about that business.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Hip bar or a fun family event, we’ll show you what is happening locally to you. With growth and stickiness we will be able to expand out to different products such as trending events. Use existing content that allows us to grow efficiently and allow users to post new content and to other platforms.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Andy & Steve have worked together for years on bridging the gap between local businesses and consumers.  Strong backgrounds in digital technologies and grass roots marketing.  We have built and maintained hyperlocal sites. We have a strong and robust back-end to collect data across the web for SC.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

We have already managed to launch a minimum viable product. With $5,000 in funding we will be able to reach out to more consumers in the 9 towns we have launch to analysis what is useful and what needs to be tweaked.  We want to ensure the site is easy to use and fills a real need.

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  1. Wendy Labastilla

    Excellent Idea!!

  2. Ashley Hoard

    Sounds like a great idea that can pick up significant user traction. I like the way that you are using all the existing content out there on the web, it provides a unique approach to the problem. I am always looking for new places in the area but struggle. What are your thoughts on how you monetize this? Also do you have a timeline to launch in the Grand Rapids area, I see right now it just looks like Princeton.

  3. Andrew Wong


    Hi Wendy, Thanks for the feedback!!

    Ashley - We are looking to monetize a bunch of ways. 
    1) Traditional advertisers with ads.
    2) Advance paid features allowing businesses to see all their content on the web and manage it from our site.
    3)  Rev. Share with daily deal and coupons sites.
    4)  Partnering with news papers and local info sites, letting them use our technology for their local businesses on their site.  Removing our branding.

  4. Andrew Wong


    Hi Ashley,  We are looking to launch to Grand Rapids at the end of this week.  We are looking to launch a town about every two weeks.

  5. Rajendra Dewani

    Nice Andrew :-),  I think this product can help lot of people.

  6. Ataul Mostafa

    really nice idea…....

  7. Cathy Stone-Campbell

    Awesome!!  I am looking forward to using the application!

  8. Atikul Islam

    I like your number 4th initiative. Really this is a rock solid idea to letting others to take our content through API or HTML widget. I think this is the main way to collecting more visitors to our sites.

  9. Lauren Ip

    Good Idea! Now what towns will you be getting data from?  How updated will the data be?

  10. Edi Vianika

    Greate Idea :)

  11. Jon Berger

    My man Andy! Great work. I heartily endorse this concept and app! Best of luck.

  12. Aldhe D'BouSier Alanda

    Great idea andrew :)

  13. Sahed Rana Neka

    it really great idea Andrew

  14. Ahmedul Kabir

    This idea really looks different. And off-course a great one too. Keep the good work and all the best. I heartily endorse this app.

  15. Ahmedul Kabir

    This idea really looks different. And off-course a great one too. Keep the good work and all the best. I heartily endorse this app.

  16. Atikul Islam

    Currently we are only getting updates for Princeton & Grand Rapids town. we are updating data in every 24 hours. In future we are updating in real time.

  17. Robiul Hossain

    It’s a great idea. Really appreciable. Hope it would be endorsed by everyone through the world.

  18. Khalid Hossain

    Really Great Idea.Interface & functionality is really appreciable.Need to go ahead with this.

  19. Dorota Marchel-Wong

    interesting idea. I can def. see myself using it!

  20. facebook1252094253

    It’s a great idea. Andy and Stephen great work and best of luck to you.

  21. Andrew Wong


    Hi Lauren,
    We are pulling facebook, twitter, yelp, and google reviews.  We will be pulling four square, groupon and value pak

  22. Stephen Coverdale

    Thank you for all the kind words we are close to getting Grand Rapids launched and will keep everyone updated on the progress of that. Meanwhile don’t forget to check out how things are looking for Princeton, NJ (the default town when you load the site)! We are launching front end updates every single day and will try keep our progress updated.

  23. Tony Vignieri

    Looks great. Love the idea!!

  24. Harish Cat

    Hello Andy,

    Really it’s an great idea…...

    All the best!...

  25. Raisul Kabir

    I endorse this idea, even though it seems like it is backed off!!!

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