Sweet Sandy B’s bake shop

A retro inspired bakery & cake shop that bakes fresh food memories daily!

What's the big idea?

Sweet Sandy B’s is a retro inspired bake shop.  Our focus is on creating food memories for the young and young at heart.  We will bake classic desserts that bring you back to simpler days- from apple turnovers and whoopie pies to the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had! By using quality, local ingredients, we support the very important local farmer. A sweet treat from Sweet Sandy B’s doesn’t just make your tummy smile, it’s also an investment in our Michigan economy.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There is another local bakery in Bay City called Petit Four that also makes fresh European pastries and wedding cakes.

How are you different from that player?

Sweet Sandy B’s is a fun and playful bakery that focuses on classic, retro American favorites using locally sourced ingredients.  More than just a cupcake shop, we will offer brownies and pies, and custom cakes for order.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Everyone has a food memory; the smell of warm cinnamon coming from your grandma’s oven to the smell of warm, maple syrup on Saturday morning pancakes.  We want to bring those feelings back for all that walk through our doors- delightfully delicious food memories baked fresh daily!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Formally educated at U of M and classically trained in French pastry, I have a passion for old fashioned homestyle desserts. I not only have the knowledge, I also have the drive to make the bakery of my dreams a reality.

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  1. Marnie Agnew

    Good Luck! I love to bake too. Please post some photos so we can drool over your creations :)

  2. Cody Tanner

    loved the password cookies hope you win!!!!!

  3. Brose Erk

    good luck sandy, I wish you the best. youre awesome :)

  4. Ashly Urbaez

    Good luck :]

  5. Ausencio Reyes

    Awesome idea !!! Love the password:jdm cookies tho those were a dope idea ! Honestly hope you win :)

  6. Robert Losolla

    Those password cookies look awesome!

  7. Armando Pinela

    Cuz i love wemo with BOSS attitude! N cookies! N hope it all gose your way. Will make a trip to your shop!

  8. Edwin Ortiz

    Good luck hope you win!!!

  9. Rosie D Huerta

    You GO sis!! ;) hope you get this! We looooove your baking! Nothing else compares;)

  10. Sandy Bierlein


    Thank you EVERYONE! I really appreciate the kind words and support! please spread the word- remember, every vote counts!!

  11. David Huerta

    Go get it sis.

  12. David G. Huerta

    Go get it Mija, your awesome, we love you and your cookies

  13. Maria Huerta

    Sandy you’r so talented go get it I’m poy!

  14. Christine Huerta Soler

    Good luck cousin!  Lots of well wishes headed your way from So Cal!  Love you!

  15. David Cathans Velazquez

    Hope you win sandy those password cookies look good i vote for you good luck

  16. Jessica Ellington


  17. Linda Knobeloch Palmer

    Best of luck, Sandy.  Petit Fours are highly over rated.  I’ll take a cookie anyday.

  18. Sheena Roque

    sandy! good luck! and im so excited for you and your bakeshop! =D

  19. Keighlee Pettenger

    Goood luck sweet sandy b I hope u win…love you!

  20. Keighlee Pettenger

    good luck sweet sandy b..i hope u win! Love u!:)

  21. Megan Muse

    Get it girl!!! I know you can do it! Love youuuu

  22. Sandy Bierlein


    Thank you again guys! Last full day, I’m hoping for a big push- if you can help spread the word that would be great!!!

  23. Anna Huerta Zepaltas

    Hey Sis!  Just voted…good luck!!

  24. Anita Halbleib Vance

    good luck sandy!!!

  25. Marissa Fuentes Howard

    good luck!!!  I wish you were out here in CA!  Congrats on the store!

  26. Sandy Bierlein


    Thanks again EVERYONE! I’m very excited about all the events on the horizon and am continually humbled by all the encouragement I’ve been getting from so many people.  :) Lets get this GOING!

  27. Bev Henderson Hasso

    So happy for you Sandy!!  You go girl!

  28. Kyle Mankowski

    Nobody better. Sky’s the limit Sandy. So excited to see you take off on this life adventure. So proud of you!

  29. Jason Hansen

    Keep up the hard work, commitment, and dedication Sandy…your work looks good, as well as tastes good too!

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on August 16, 2012.