Sweet Spot Wheels

Producing high quality longboard wheels and building wells in Africa.

What's the big idea?

Sweet Spot Wheels produces high quality wheels and builds wells in Africa. We donate 10% of sales and all money made at fundraising events to our “Wheels for Wells” foundation.  Longboarders get the custom wheels they want, while villages gain access to clean drinking water. It’s a win-win situation.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest players in the field are other homegrown longboard wheel manufacturers.

How are you different from that player?

We produce wheels with superior urethane, shapes, and sliding characteristics, while helping others get fresh water.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

The longboard industry has grown exponentially in the last two years and we are starting to see longboards emerge as a prominent commuting source.  With skaters wearing through one or two sets of wheels a year, this allows our company room to flourish in a perpetually growing market.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

We are two passionate and creative college students who are committed to building wells and spreading the stoke of longboarding. Sweet Spot Wheels is the medium through which we, and our patrons, can serve on a global level.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

Marketing: viral videos and banners on longboard forums. 
New packaging: milk cartons to house our “Milk Surfer” Wheels.
New wheel development: prototype a new downhill wheel.

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  1. Benson Mason

    If every company had the same passion for helping people as the owners of this company do, the world would be a much better place. Such a great company, and for the sake of the people they will help, I want them to succeed.

  2. Cameron Schultz

    Sweet Spot is one of few companies that don’t seek profit, but enjoy spreading the skateboarding stoke and look out for the well-being of those in Africa without water. I really want to see this company go big.

  3. Nathan Axdorff

    I love what this company is trying to do. Let’s help them succeed.

  4. Ben Lemmen

    Great people with a great passion for what they do, and a great chance of success.

  5. Taylor Elizabeth Ely

    Wonderful idea and heart behind this group. Definitely believe this company can thrive and prosper here in the States and spark amazing changes for those in Africa in need of fresh water!! Definitely win/win !

  6. Nicholas James McNamara

    These guys are doing two big things: helping longboarders, and helping those in need over in Africa. They’re passionate about what they do, and what is not to love about that? They want no monetary profit, only the profit of knowing that they are helping those less fortunate than themselves. They deserve to succeed

  7. Matthew Peneycad

    Hope you guys win man! This is an Awesome idea!

  8. Nick Pauwe

    I gotta say these guys go hard in everything they do, from passion to pursuit they have it all. Definitely a solid company that has tons of potential, can’t wait to see where this goes guys. Keep up the good work and ride strong.

  9. Josh Navis

    Best wheels I have ridden!

  10. Ryan Welsh

    This looks like an excellent cause! Not many people in this industry give back like this. I know that I and many more to come will fully support this company because helping people is one of the best feelings out there!

  11. Nicklas Raycraft

    It’s so awesome to see a company that’s all about great products, good times, and helping others.  This idea and company is the bees knees!!

  12. Grace Theisen

    This is a wonderful company who supports a great cause.  Both the founders are incredible, hard working guys who deserve to win. Plus the fact that their wheels are uniquely classy and fresh. :)

  13. Ron Barba

    awesome company with amazing goals

  14. Nick Rolinski

    Endorsed. Sounds like a great project.

  15. Jesse Swatling-Holcomb

    This sounds absolutely incredible. And the wheels look tight! Good luck guys!

  16. Sean Cratty

    Love this idea so much. Seriously could see this company getting huge. There is suh a large market for longboard inch equipment in the Midwest.

  17. Tom Kuiper

    Endorsed. Best wheels out there, but thats not all!! The idea and cause behind this local company is astounding. Props to everyone involved! Team sweet spots 4 lyfe!!!

  18. Nathan Moore

    This company is changing the way people look at longboarding. No longer is it focused on a singular goal. But its looking outward to help those who aren’t even connected with longboarding. Proceeds for every wheel sold goes to help the Sweet Water Well foundation. Companies like this will help change the way people do business, while also creating a new perspective on longboarding as a whole to the general public. I stand 100% behind this idea, the people behind it, and the goals that it can achieve. Michigan needs more companies like this to make Michigan even better! Sweet Spot wheels!

  19. Kimberly Collins

    This looks phenomenal - we need more people in the world like these two who love what they do and love the world around them well while they do it. With every dollar we spend, we cast our vote for the kind of world we want, and I want a world where small businesses can succeed, more people can have access to basic human needs, and people can longboard fo lyfe. This company is working to make all of these a reality, and they deserve our support!

  20. Chad Scott

    Wheels look solid guys. I hope things go well.

  21. John Grace

    Are you making the product in Africa?  I can’t tell.

  22. Jake Rosenthal

    THis is an awesome idea! I hope you guys have nothing but success with your endeavors!

  23. Alex Bolen


    @John Grace
    We are making the product here in the USA.  Sorry for the confusion!  Have a wonderful day!

  24. Austin Haidet

    These guys are dope.  Great ideas, great drive, great business.

  25. Luke Rohrman

    A great idea made by great people! The thought of helping others and working together to do so, sweet spot wheels is the SHIZ!

  26. John-Paul Moreland

    I know this will turn out to be successful and amazing.

  27. Michael McKinney

    Sounds like a great idea! Keep up the good work.

  28. Jamie Clark

    I love this idea. Good luck guys!

  29. Philip DiCicco

    Knowing the people in this organization personally, I can attest to this fact; that they are brilliant men, driven by a heart to serve. Sweet Spot Wheels wants to give back. They are going to make a difference in the world one way or another and in supporting them, one can be sure that they are investing in something very special.

  30. Will DeBoer

    Provides a fun service to folks at home and vital resources abroad. Wonderful idea!

  31. Matthew J. Quick

    Quality idea and a great cause!

  32. Keegan Bosch

    Best idea by far. its a win-win idea!

  33. Daniel Mehari

    Good stuff. You really can’t go wrong with this concept and idea!

  34. Anna Knol

    It is incredible what these young men are doing! Not only are they building top quality longboards, but more importantly they have a heart for those in need and are using their passion for longboarding to help provide clean water to those who are unable to access it. I support this business wholeheartedly!

  35. Josh Welsch

    Nobody I’d rather invest in than these guys!

  36. Pete Aune

    What a great idea and mission!

  37. Harrison Rittenhouse Boll

    I look forward to seeing where this company can go. Not only are they focusing on the consumer but they are using their revenue to help others. The passion that is in their work is why will drive this company to be a big player in the game.

  38. Mary Luther-Eggleston

    Success in eminent!!!! You guys rock!

  39. Lauren Wagner

    Such a wonderful idea :) They deserve all the support they can get!

  40. Zach Retterath

    Love this idea and love the dudes behind the idea. Their hearts are in the right place and they deserve this one. Good looking out, guys!

  41. Patsy J. Danec

    Congratulation to a great little mop any.  I love the colors,!

  42. Robbin Danec DeMeester

    The mission of Sweet Spot Wheels is so refreshing to see! Love the look of the wheels and hear they are fun and functional! Makes me wish I were a long boarder!  We’re proud of you guys!

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