Th Moov

A website connecting social groups, making college nightlife better for everyone.

What's the big idea?

Coming to U of M, we saw a problem. College nightlife is insanely disorganized. We spent all of our time trying to find something fun to do, rather than actually having fun. We thought it was just us… we were wrong. Students all over the country are constantly out of the loop, scrambling for something to do. Th Moov is a means of facilitating and enhancing every aspect of college social life. Th Moov connects college social groups and allows easy event sharing through an innovative social calendar and forum.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The nearest player in our field is Inner Greek. Inner Greek is trying to facilitate and unite the Greek community at schools around the country. They plan on vertically integrating the entire Greek process from Rush to Alumni functions.

How are you different from that player?

We plan to expand to all types of social groups. We aren’t focusing on the business side of these groups, but their social capacity. Our integrated group social calendar and forum will allow for groups to interact through a platform that is inexistent in current social media sites.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

We’d abolish one of the greatest fears known to mankind, the fear of missing out. Save students from the confusion that is their freshman year. Get rid of the redundancy of going to the same bars every night. And cure world hunger (ok maybe not), but we’d make college nightlife a whole lot better.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

My fellow founders and I are extremely ambitious and persistent like none other. We’re young, eclectic, and constantly growing with our company. We are passionate about solving this problem, and we don’t let anything get in our way. We’re starting a revolutionary Moov-ment, don’t get left behind.

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  1. David Michael Rub


    Just wanted to clear up any confusion. This is the same project as my co-founder Jacob Schiftan put up two weeks back. We just wanted to revamp our page and show everybody at start garden the progress we’ve made. Please comment and let us know what you think, we love questions!

  2. Dan Rosen

    Wow it looks like you guys really improved since I last saw. I was just wondering how the development process was going and how much progress you have made towards becoming completely functional. Other than that, it looks like you have invested a significant amount of time and resources in getting a professional graphic designer on board, which really impresses me. Endorsed for the dedication and improvements, keep mooving guys!

  3. David Michael Rub


    Hey Dan thanks for the interest! We’re actually so close to finishing, we only need 7,000 more to cover what development costs we have left. Considering we cover these costs, we will launch at the University of Michigan in early August!

  4. Nathan Pilcowitz

    Wow, David, really impressive stuff. To me, this looks like it could work at U of M. I would definitely love to see a product like showcased on the web!

  5. Avi C Eisenstadt

    I really want this at my college. I hope you guys win

  6. Daniela Lapciuc

    Wow what a great idea!  can’t wait to see this launch at Umich. I think its the perfect addition to college night life.

  7. Jacob Aaron Schiftan

    Great update Rub. Please ask any questions you have, we’d love to talk more about th moov!!

  8. Scott Freedman

    Really looks great, gentlemen. Can’t wait to see this at UM.

  9. Joshua Evan Kleiman

    good luck boys! everyone should endorse this amazing idea!!!!

  10. Jenny Levin

    good luck Josh, David, and Jacob hope you guys win this time! this is an amazing idea. so proud of all of you

  11. Bobby William Dishell

    This looks like an unbelievable idea! Can’t wait to see this on UM’s campus in the fall! I don’t see why you wouldn’t endorse this idea

  12. Tanner Mindel

    Unfortunately with new means of communication, you need to build a very large following that is very familiar with the layout of the social media. How are you going to compete with Google+ and Facebook’s event features and friend circles that people already use?

  13. David Michael Rub


    Hey Tanner, thanks for the question. One of the biggest issues we see is actually Facebook’s events. At this point, they seem to have a bad connotation to them, they are very public, and anyone can create them. On the Google Plus side of things, friends circles don’t have any true meaning, they can be made by anyone, and user A doesn’t know if he’s in User B’s friend circle.

    We’re attacking the problem with what we call Social Mob Mentality. When you join Th Moov, you join as part of “Loop” or social group. Not only does no other site offer this, but there is also no form of group to group communication in any of the social media sites out there, everything is based on the individual. We’re attempting to mimic college social life, by bringing college social groups or cliques online.

    Group admins are the only ones who can create events with other groups, like in real life only fraternity social chairs really have the power to create a party or event. This reduces the clutter of non-sensical events that we always see popping up on Facebook.

    In order to build our following we’re really focusing on exclusivity. We feel this is where Facebook really succeeded, and where Google Plus failed miserably. We’re starting with Greek Life at Michigan, then expanding to the entire University, and then over time expand to schools across the country. Considering my influence with the Greek community at U of M, and the fact that fraternities and sororities are organized social groups, we feel that our app will not only be easy to adopt, but will become an integral part of the Greek system in no time.

  14. Andrea Zundel

    bring it to NOLA!!!!

  15. Kelsey Dunn

    We NEED this! Let’s make it happen!!

  16. Michael Velez

    This is a great idea utilizing social media technology on the web today. This project definitely has potential to grow at U of M and eventually I see MOOV making its way into the social life of college kids around the country! Great business idea guys, and GOOD LUCK! Keep working to make this happen!

  17. Ryan Harper

    I’ve perused through all these ideas but this one really stuck out to me. Great logo, great video, and great Idea. Good luck to you guys you deserve to win this

  18. David Michael Rub


    Thanks for all the support guys! A quick update, we’ve been fundraising throughout this week and are so close to covering our development costs! We’re now only 3k away, so this Start Garden investment will put us over the top!

  19. Jacob Aaron Schiftan

    Check out our new video posted up top!

  20. Dan Rosen

    Love the cartoon pitch guys! I have no idea how you did it, but its so professional and I’d be absolutely shocked if you didn’t get funded this time!

  21. Alex Hong

    21 pulls!!! ... this idea has the most potential to grow into an internet success compared to the other weak startups. Open to discussion…

  22. Ethan Fitzgerald

    This idea gives the people what they want. Needs to happen

  23. Frank Kleiman

    this idea is awesome

  24. Will Vanden Breul


    Looks like you’ve made some excellent progress on your own and it’s great to hear that you raised more money independently. I also think the video that’s up on the site makes the concept a lot easier to understand. In regards to that thanks to turning me onto, I just registered over there. Looks like an awesome tool that I’ll be using myself. I’ll definitely be endorsing you again.


  25. David Michael Rub


    Hey Will,

    Yea Powtoon is a great tool, saved us a bunch of money as well, their beta still has a few bugs, but it is more than functional (the proof is in our video :) ) Anyways I’m glad you understand our concept better now, thanks again!

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This idea was funded by public endorsement on July 19, 2012.