The Break Away Coupling

Pioneering the application of Break-Away technology on fishing lures!

What's the big idea?

Fishing is awesome. Snagging lures is not. A snagged lure wastes time, money, and virtually ruins any fishing trip.
Fortunately, the Break Away Coupling is going to solve this problem, and it’s on its way to being commercialized in the fishing industry. It is patented, terminal hardware that attaches to a fishing lure and is designed to break at a specific rate of tension, thereby allowing a snagged lure to be released and retrieved. Hence: Break Away.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Though very different, the Ultimate Lure Saver is my closest competition. It is a titanium split-ring that attaches a traditional treble hook to a lure and flexes to release.

How are you different from that player?

The Break Away Coupling is cheaper to produce than the ULS and the snap design makes it easier and faster to install. Therefore it outperforms on price and ease-of-use.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

My product significantly reduces one of the biggest pain points in a $45B/year industry. There are more people who fish (40M) than play golf and tennis combined, and each of these people are, on some level, personally affected by the problem of snagged lures.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I am the best person to lead this project for the simple reason that I have been working on and building this concept for two years and it is finally coming to fruition. Also, I am an experienced fisherman who has experienced this problem first-hand and is dedicated to solving it.

There have been 8 replies to this page

  1. JoHannah Smith

    Awesome idea!! Can’t wait to see the product.

  2. Theresa Zinser Truran

    This is a winner!

  3. Jerri Blain

    This is truly something I need

  4. Cheryl Lubbers Geister

    This sounds wonderful. There are many in my family who would love to try and use this product.

  5. Micki Ackerman

    Great Job Miles!!

  6. Tipsy McStagger

    What is that tension level? It is lower than the test rating of the fishing line? If i fish with 4 lb fishing line is that hook going to break away at 3.5 lbs? Or does this mean i have to use a much higher fishing line than i am used to?

  7. Miles Smith


    Good question, Capt. McStagger,
    This product can be manufactured to break at almost any tension, even if you fish with 4lb test line!

  8. Darold Keely

    I fish for srealhead and they are very strong fish. If I hooked a large fish (about 15 lbs.) and the fish gives one big jerk and the lure releases the hook from the lure and my fish swims away with the hook in his mouth .  I will take my chances with the snags rather than loss my fish!!!

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