The Cushy

Hand held device that will attach to a standard size seatbelt to give comfort to healing mastectomy.

What's the big idea?

The idea is to design a hand held device that has seatbelt mest on top and a “memoryfoam” like material that can rest and comfort the chest for mastectomy patients. This device would have two clips to attach to any standard seatbelt and would able the patient to adjust to thier personal size without discomfort. The design that I have in mind is simple, and is in the process of being built.  Truth is, women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at younger ages. The seatbelt is not safe the healing site.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

Sheep Skin Seatbelt Sleeve

How are you different from that player?

My design is built in mind for women whom have had either a single or double mastectomy, reconstruction, augmentation or reduction. Life does not stop for these patients. They have to get out and drive eventually. Even when things are not completely healed. The seatbelt the “enemy” to the chest area

How does this idea scale into a big business?

Breast Cancer is here and no cure has been found yet. “The Cushy” can be a benefit in hospitals, pharmacutical companies, foundations, international and the general public. Not only can breast cancer patients benefit. Also, patients that have had reductions, augmentations and breast feeding mothers.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Due to my personal experience, I felt it was necessary. Waiting to drop off my kids at school only to cry all the way home from pain, changed my life and gave me purpose. I want all women to have a friend through this process. The Cushy can be a (BFF) “Breast Friend Forever”.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

This would allow me to patent and produce a prototype for production. Seeking the proper resources to help aid in my goal to make my product available to the public, in order to show why my product is necessary.

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  1. Talisha Sheree Patterson

    This is a great idea Dany!

  2. Darrell Workman

    I think that this is a great idea to help with lessening the discomfort from a seat belt after recovering from surgery.

  3. Larry DeGennaro

    Amazing way to bring comfort to those in need..Love It!!

  4. LaShaunda Brew

    Great idea!!!! #Survivor

  5. Jamie Shine

    Love it!!!

  6. GooSet Brown

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been thought of by now… Good thing you did, now people that have had surgery can feel comfortable about driving! Great Idea from an Amazing Woman who world needs.

  7. Margaret Redwine

    Wonderful Idea !!! I am so touched by your testimony. God’s blessing, healing & strength to you cousin!!!!

  8. William Tyrone

    Innovative idea Dany! You get my vote and support.

  9. Tamiea Richardson Palmer

    Praying for your success!

  10. Shelly Batterbee

    Proud of you for pushing through your own struggles to try to make things better for others!

  11. Michele Vines

    you’ve got this indians support! cheers to your courage, dany, and best of luck with your inspiring idea!

  12. Jowana Brew

    Way to go Dany!!!!!

  13. Jashod Mogul

    This is amazing and I support it!

  14. Lauren Dutcher

    Brilliant!! <3

  15. Tawana Brew-Page

    Great Ideal!!

  16. PureRomance ByTristen

    You are a genius! GOOD LUCK cousin ;)

  17. Jordan Sims

    Great idea mom! Im so proud of you! :)

  18. Tarra Rhodes

    You are awesome and your idea is fantastic!

  19. Jeannie Walker-Turnbo

    Great Idea Dany!! Proud of you and your will to help others! Good luck!

  20. Jeremy Dutcher

    Phenomenal idea!  It takes an intimate relationship with a product to establish relevance and credibility!  Your ingenuity and perseverance are a testament to true character.  I am proud of you my sister!

  21. Dany Lyn


    Your passion and dedication to this cause is inspiring. You are inspiring by example. I love it and so very proud of you

  22. Kristin Monique

    So proud of you and so excited about your new adventure in life.  This idea is GENIUS!

  23. Twiz Conley

    Well young lady you sure have out-done yourself with this extraordinary idea!! This going to make so many lives comfortable!! Proud of you Big Sis!

  24. Jordan Sims

    I don’t know how that comment above showed up!!!!! LOL!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!! I FEELS AMAZING!!! Even if I’m not selected…I feel the LOVE and it means the world to me..

  25. Dany Lyn



  26. Jenn Anema Buchin

    You are an amazing woman and this idea is genius!  An inspiration you are! Xoxo

  27. Marian Crittenden

    Phenomenal idea from a phenomenal young woman.  Please support her.

  28. Cornelius Coleman

    Great idea.  My sister is a cancer survivor.

  29. Laura Parker

    You are amazing. You always have been, what a great idea. You could only dream this if you’ve walked the walk.

  30. Tina Siciliano Cadwallader

    I LOVE this idea! Thank you for being the cool person you are to help the rest of us. We love and cherish every minute you share with us~hug…auntie tina

  31. Taylor Davidson

    Love this and love you!!

  32. Erica McConer

    God Bless!!

  33. Latishca Sweets Jordan

    God bless, very nice invention,  good luck!

  34. Latishca Sweets Jordan

    God bless, very nice invention,  good luck!

  35. Shannon Halstead

    Great idea and nicely presented!  Good Luck!  You’ll do great!  :)

  36. Shannon Halstead

    Good Luck my sweet friend!

  37. Tonni Wardlaw

    I’m a survivor!! This is a great idea.

  38. Dany Lyn


    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! Thank You for the support. I would have not persued this without the love and support of I have recieved throughout this journey.

  39. Linda Bentley

    Oh my god you beautiful young lady.  I honestly feel bless to know you.  This idea is brillant, caring,loving in ways that matters the most.  Yes u got this!!!  God bless you lady.

  40. Janiene Joseph

    endorsed boo. you are still in my thoughts and prayers along with others. love you.

  41. Deborah Diaz

    This is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!! This must be ENDORSED ASAP!!!!

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