The Revolution

A unique and comfortable tree stand that pivots 270 degrees and rotates 360 degrees simultaneously.

What's the big idea?

The Revolution enhances the hunting experience through unbeatable comfort, mobility, and stealth. It provides an amazing ability to silently pivot and rotate around a tree, creating unlimited shooting lanes and angles. These features are unmatched throughout the industry. Combine all of the above, along with easy set-up and versatility and you have the beginning of a “Revolution”. Simply put, the REV is the most unique and advantageous product to enter the outdoors market in years.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are two basic types of stands on the market, which are made by a variety of companies. The first is a small hang-on tree stand that attaches to a tree and folds out to sit on. The second is a climbing stand that needs a straight, branch-less tree to climb.

How are you different from that player?

The REV offers comfortable support, as well as silent and dynamic maneuvering abilities. It is lightweight and portable, and can easily be set up in any tree. The quiet rotating feature allows for unlimited shooting lanes, setting the REV apart from any other stand on the market.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

There are over 10 million deer hunters in America. Many of them purchase several new tree stands each year, searching for the “right” stand. These hunters are my primary target. Once “Joining the Revolution”, they will be compelled to purchase countless accessories that compliment the REV.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

I am a motivated and determined Project Manager, who excels in crushing obstacles. These traits serve me daily, and will be vital in bringing this project from infancy to fruition. Join me, and together we’ll show the world a new and revolutionary hunting experience.

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

I plan to set up an L.L.C. and have more units fabricated. This will allow me to get into the trade shows and get the REV into the hands of the consumer, and get real world feedback, proving the REV’s marketability.

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  1. Dan McGillicuddy


    Please check out the video and pics and then endorse (upper right). Also, please like and share with friends and family…Thanks, Dan

  2. Stuart Meyer

    Nice product! Let me know when you go into production.  I would like to put it to use this year during bow season.

  3. Cameron McGillicuddy

    Amazing tree stand my Dad created. Please click the link and click “endorse” in the top right corner to help him win the competition for his invention. It would be a huge help! Thanks a ton.

  4. Rick Bradford

    Outstanding idea! The pivotal movement opens up numerous opportunities for the hunter. Nice job! 

  5. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks…Tell your friends…I can use all the endorsements I can get.

  6. Dana Markley DeVries

    This is an idea by my co-worker, Janine’s, husband. While I am not a hunter, my daughter and many of my family & friends are. Please take a look at this idea featured on Start Garden and consider voting for (endorsing) this invention.

  7. Rick Flinn

    Very nice stand, iseen it built, very well constructed, even got to sit in it.cant wait to have one. Good luck Dan!

  8. Michele Guest

    Great concept for a tree stand! I would recommend this to my hunter friends!

  9. Scott Bagby

    I’ve watched eagerly over the last year or two as Dan has developed ‘The Revolution’ and I can honestly say this is the best new idea in elevated hunting that has come along in years. You can be sure I will be one of the first people using this stand.  I’ve sat in The Revolution (before it even had a name) and can tell you from a hunters perspective that this is something you will want. You have virtually unlimited shooting lanes with this stand and can use the tree as moving cover without making noise. Incorporated with the mounting bracket that stays on the tree you can walk this to any of your favorite locations and hang it in minutes. Be part of ‘The Revolution’ and give Dan your support at

  10. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you everyone!  I appreciate the positive feedback!

  11. Mike Mervenne

    Dan has put a lot of thought and time into his new product. It will be a revolution in hunting!

  12. Greg Vander Horn

    Looks great Dan!  God bless your efforts!

  13. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks Greg

  14. Pat McGillicuddy Ellis

    Wow Dan, Uncle Bob and I just viewed the Revolution and what a great job you did with the video too.  Hope it goes well.  Love, Aunt Pat

  15. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you Aunt Pat…now don’t forget to tell your friends…

  16. Chris Guest


  17. Lee Zeidler

    Great Looking Product, very innovative and creative design. Would recommend any tree stand hunter look at this. Talk to the celebs on the Outdoor Channel!

  18. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks, I will

  19. Kerry Cornelisse

    Great idea! I can’t tell you all the times I have been facing one direction in a tree stand and the deer comes out the other. Genius.

  20. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks, remember to tell your friends…one day left

  21. Melissa Halpin

    Being a hunter, Bob really likes this idea and thinks it is the next Revolution in tree stands!  Great idea Dan good luck!!

  22. Kris Moran- Rea

    Looks like a good idea to me :)

  23. David Blanchard

    Do you have a safety harness that connects to the front, swivels, or hooks to the stand? It may be hard to get insurance without a safety harness designed to work with this stand. A traditional safety harness would restrict much of the movement. Other than that I think it is a great idea.

  24. Dan McGillicuddy


    Good question. I have a safety harness that works wonderful. It’s tested to 6000 lbs. Think more along the lines of a rock climber or tree climber type of harness.

  25. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you everyone, for the support

  26. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you everyone

  27. Jeff Bell

    Dan, I’m not much of a hunter but I have friends & relatives who are… Passed it on to 3 different channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).
    Good luck!

  28. Kris Moran- Rea

    Sounds like a good Idea

  29. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks Jeff and Kris, I really appreciate it.

  30. Lisa Bergman Johnson

    Hoping everything goes just as you plan, great work….

  31. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you Lisa! I appreciate the positive feedback. It means a lot.

  32. Jennifer Newberry Meyer

    Good luck Dan.  Great hunting idea.

  33. Nick Depender

    Amazing product cant wait to get my hands on one!

  34. Paul Magoon

    I watched this thing grow from a simple idea to an actual fabricated prototype. I hope it finds the means to make it to production, so I can hang a couple in my woods before bow season this year! Endorse this? Heck yea, I want one!

  35. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thanks everyone…keep telling your friends!

  36. Terry Peterson

    Awesome idea…I want one for my husband!

  37. David Blanchard

    I checked this stand out at the outdoors show in Grand Rapids, it is a truly great product that I would love to try. This stand is a great idea that brings a very unique product to the market.

  38. Drew Maroe

    This is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen.  Definitely hoping it gets the acknowledgement it clearly deserves.  Well done Dan, you have my support!

  39. Joe Bush

    Great Idea!  Best of luck
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  40. Jeff Totten

    Looks like a good idea.  You never know which way the big one will come from.  Is there any way to get a foot rest all the way around?  I think I would need my feet to touch when I’m 25’ in the air.

  41. Janine McGillicuddy

    Thanks for the comment Jeff.  Yes, there is a foot rest that swings all the way around with the swing detail.  Typically, along with the foot rest there are branches that I also use.

  42. Dan McGillicuddy


    Sorry Jeff, I didn’t realize I was on my wife’s FB. The post above is from me.

  43. Greg Vander Horn

    God bless you more this time !!!!

  44. Joel Cropsey

    Where can I buy one?

  45. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you Greg! Thanks for asking Joel.  We will have website and order information soon. Please email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  46. Scott Bagby

    A new category in the deer stand market. The Revolution! Ready to put my money down, let me know when I can order one of these.

  47. Dan McGillicuddy


    Thank you everyone who voted for my product.  I just found out that I won. I could not have done it without all of your support.

  48. Joe Bush

    Congrats! Its a great product idea… I cant hunt anymore due to an injury. I replaced hunting with photography and this will appeal to wild life photographers also!!!  Best of Luck!!

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