Make Twitter more useful at conferences and events.

What's the big idea?

It’s really hard to socialize and focus at conferences. It’s even harder to remember everything - and everyone - afterward. Tribbon creates a virtual event space to help people connect before, during, and after the event, and it stores tweets on the conference hash tag indefinitely so you can remember key points later.  Tribbon makes it easier for attendees to connect using the tool they want - Twitter. Organizers and sponsors get an engaged, opt-in community and data to help track and improve ROI.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The only direct competitor with a similar concept is Refyner.  Other close-but-not-quite-in-the-same-category competitors are “event apps” like Guidebook and Genie mobile, and “private social networking sites” like Bizzabo and Oleapark.

How are you different from that player?

Tribbon is built on top of Twitter, which is the social network attendees want to use. Others create a private social network.  Tribbon is the only one to solve the memory problem and saves hash tag tweets forever.  Focusing on organizer/sponsor ROI enables a viable business model out of the gate.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

Twitter has already revolutionized the way people socialize, learn and share at conferences and events.  Tribbon takes it a step further so people can retain information and keep excitement alive far beyond the physical event.

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

Why us?
1. We have personally experienced the pain of not having this solution!
2. We are using a proven Lean Startup approach and are well-versed.
3. We are a balanced team. Patrick Foley is my co-founder with more than 20 years experience building software and helping other software companies.

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  1. Phil Threadgould

    Great idea!  Good luck!

  2. Patrick Foley

    Thanks, Phil!

  3. Jody Ballor Burgess


    Thanks for the support, Phil!

  4. Vic Jackson

    A great idea and a a much needed app!

  5. Jason Rodriguez

    I want to see this succeed.

  6. Jennifer Middlin

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve had the privilege of hearing the full product pitch and think it is the next generation of social networks - especially for conferences. I don’t want to commit to a Twitter or a Facebook connection unless I really know you. A temporary social network gives you access to the people in the room, a revenue model for the conference organizer, and safety when connecting with new people. Brilliant idea all around.

  7. Dirk Frazier

    Sounds like a great app. I’m going to Defrag in November. It would be awesome to see it being used at a conference like that.

  8. Kelley Pierce

    I would love to see this idea at the conferences I attend

  9. Ryan Rosenberg

    Seems like an interesting idea—I look forward to trying it out some time.

  10. Karen Jackson

    What a great way to get more bang out Twitter and not just for business.  I can see this working at any large social event.

  11. Jeff Ballor


  12. Lane Halley

    I’m currently using Storify and a hash of other services for this function now and would appreciate something that did this function for me automatically.

  13. Patrick Foley

    @Dirk - I will be reaching out to Defrag within the next couple of weeks - your endorsement really helps - thanks!

  14. Jody Ballor Burgess


    Karen - great point! We are focusing on conferences as just a starting place.  Will be expanding to different kinds of events and group activities in the future.  Thanks!

  15. John Rumery

    Here is a winner.

  16. Mark Littlewood

    I run conferences in the US and UK. Keeping people connected and maintaining momentum pre, during and post event is one of the hardest things for any conference and event organizer to achieve and Tribbon has a great opportunity to make that happen. good luck!

  17. Jody Ballor Burgess


    Thanks for the comments, everyone.  Good to hear from attendee and organizers perspectives as well - very helpful.  Will make the product better!  Thanks again.  Jody

  18. Heather Johnson Schuchaskie

    Wow!  This is a really great idea.  This is going to really take off.

  19. Thomas Haadsma

    Great concept, and a great team. Get this to market fast!

  20. Barb Hernandez

    Cool idea. Nice way to connect with people without giving everyone access to your whole twitter/facebook life. This will be a nice addition to the social networking toolbox! Thanks!

  21. Jody Ballor Burgess


    Cool use Barb and JenM.  A way to toe dip a relationship at an event.  Decide later how serious you want to get.  It’s light and keeps history at the same time.  Thx for the post.

  22. Penny Nicol

    What a Fantastic idea! Anytime something helps my memory , I’m in!

  23. Jody Ballor Burgess


    Yay! We were selected! We are going to run some great experiments and report findings in November.  Thank you to our supporters and Startgarden for this opportunity!!

  24. Benjamin Rousch

    In 2011 BarCampGR used Convore, a now-defunct private social network. We ended up with very few people participating in that online community. I think it was due to having to join a new, private social website, and partly due to a less-than-friendly UI. In 2012 we used a Reddit subReddit. Despite really pushing people to use it and having a large ready-made social community from Reddit, our SubReddit still had low participation. I look forward to seeing what you can do in this waiting-to-be-filled space.

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on September 20, 2012.