Two Women and a Hoe®

Full-service indoor/outdoor sustainable landscape design, installation & green garden management.

What's the big idea?

The BIG idea is FRANCHISE! I’ve successfully operated my biz for 7 years & continue to show very handsome profits.  Two Women and a Hoe® works - tried & true. My marketing strategies are brilliant, as evidenced by growth & 110,000+ Fans on FB.  Bottom line, customers love us, community loves us & the world loves us! I’ve diligently worked to sustain a solid reputation in the marketplace & a sought-after presence on social media.  I’ve planted the seeds, cultivated the soil & gathered the harvest.  NOW, it’s time to implement a franchise strategy to take this little gold mine to the next level!

Describe the nearest player in your field.

There are other landscape/garden businesses; however, there is only one Two Women and a Hoe®.  We are NOT like the others, we are unique! I have the perfect business model to duplicate! I also own two more trademarks, Green Hoe & Garden Hoe, which are waiting to BUST wide open!

How are you different from that player?

We are professional, skilled, educated Master Gardeners and certified landscape designers.  We are pioneers, cultivating new ground, enriching the gift of promise!  Our Mission:  To ignite the eternal connection between people & nature.  Our Brand Promise:  Right plant, right place, right time.

How does this idea scale into a big business?

My business, my ideas, my marketing, quickly scales into the ideal franchise for WOMEN! My ideas are the perfect scenario for any woman who desires to own her own business.  Most of all, it is beyond doable! I started my business with $2,800, a wheel barrow and a few garden tools!  It WORKS!

Why are you the one to run with this idea?

My idea is already successful!  The need, want, desire is a done deal! I am the ONLY one to propel my business into a franchise.  It is my baby, I live & breathe it every day because I know it has what it takes!  I have been diligently working towards this goal since 2006. I love my small business!

What is a $5,000 experiment you can do to move your idea forward?

The $5,000 experiment I would do to move my idea forward would be to hire an attorney to start producing the necessary paperwork to begin the franchise process. The only thing holding me back is funding.  My business model is irresistible! There is a want, need & desire to replicate my business!

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  1. Karen Batchelor

    What a great idea to franchise!! I’ve heard about the amazing work you do, Jan.

  2. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank you so much, Karen!  We truly appreciate your love and support!

  3. Chris Smith

    Endorsed, best of luck!

  4. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank you SO much, Chris!  I really appreciate it!

  5. Loye Spencer

    Endorsed :)

  6. Sharon Annable

    I endorse you wholeheartedly—-I’ve seen your work and you are top notch!  :-)

  7. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank YOU so much, Loye & Sharon!  I truly appreciate your support and endorsements!  May all your gardens grow!

  8. Angie Rapids

    Endorsed! :-)

  9. Maury McCoy

    Happy to help with an endorsement. My story is similar to yours - started my landscaping business, Yard Art,  five years ago with a shovel, a bucket and some knowledge. I have watched it grow year after year, while some people and bigger companies laughed at me. Today I have a large customer base, all by personal recommendation, and I know that hard work, attention to detail and customer happiness are a few of the keys to success. I follow your page, love your ideas and I hope your future endeavors pay off - I’m rooting for you!!

  10. Debbie Kenaan Haraszkiewicz

    Endorsed…...good luck fellow gardener!

  11. Mary Anne Demo

    Great idea Jan!  I can recommend a great franchise attorney when you’re ready.  M

  12. Debbi Higgins Lofton

    What an AWESOME idea! I have enjoyed your posts so much, and never fail to gain inspiration from it. Question: Would a franchisee, not need to be a MASTER GARDENER as well?  Im merely a novice. I have always loved gardening, though our heat here in Texas, has taken a terrible toil on our gardens, the last couple of years…...water rationing and 109 degree temperatures, are not compatable to say the least. I wish you all the best in your new venture!

  13. AFrances Shook

    endorsed :) Love to follow your page and have gotten some very good ideas for my own garden ty.

  14. Denise Cowl Soloko

    Endorsed. Good luck!

  15. Lori Chrisman-Hall

    You are endorsed by me!! Good luck, love your FB page!!

  16. Sabrinajoy Milbury

    Would love to meet you and get training/coaching on using social media to really grow my business. Love reading about your business, your ideas and seeing all your great posts.

  17. Debi Lynn

    I endorsed you . Keep up the good work.

  18. Samantha Kerr

    Endorsed!! I would love to do something like this in Australia, great work!! :)

  19. Darcy Carswell MacKenzie

    Good Luck Jan! Full endorsement from me!

  20. Kerina Belle

    I agree with everything here.. and feel there is a great need for Women owned businesses in every community.
    I have always admired the creative approach of Two Women and a Hoe.

  21. Melissa Sadler Lewis

    Endorsed!!! I love your work and all the tips. I physical issues but have been able to put many of your tips to work. Thanx so much!!!

  22. Marcy Holcomb-Slagle

    Endorsed!  Love your posts & work.  Like this idea

  23. Laura Matej Christy

    ENDORSED !  !  Love all you post on Facebook.

  24. Kelli Taylor Wressell

    Endorsed and interested!

  25. Nessa Ax

    Endorsed!  Love your posts &  ideas!

  26. Kathy Stose

    So excited for you!  Love your ideas and pictures on FB.  I am working on launching my container gardening business and would love to learn more about your franchise business!  Best of luck:-)

  27. Lacey Maryott

    Endorsed! Good luck!!

  28. Laura Vedder

    Endorsed. I’ve seen your trucks around and thought it was such a great idea!  Good luck!

  29. Kylee Baumle

    Endorsed, friend!

  30. Heather Simmons

    I’d love to endorse you, but the page says this project is “not active.”  How can I help re-activate it?

  31. Jan Coppola Bills


    Dear Friends,
    I am overwhelmed with GRATITUDE at the responses *sniff*!  Thank YOU so much for your love, support, and kind words!  Even though we were not selected, the endorsements received are PRICELESS.  Sending big HUGS to everyone.  Like any hard working GARDENER, we’ll be BACK!
    May all your gardens grow!

  32. Al Carter

    We endorsed our good friend and the world’s best neighbor! ;)

  33. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank YOU so much, Al!  So appreciative of you and your lovely family! <3

  34. Shannon Maureen Russell

    ENDORSED! You know I’ve got your back. Good luck, my fellow Michigan peeps! ;)

  35. Teresa Franklin

    Go Jan.

  36. Cynthia Edmonds Roof

    Good luck Jan, i think you’ll do great!

  37. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank you, Teresa and Cynthia!  <3

  38. Nancy MacDonald Wallace

    Wishing you all success, Jan.

  39. Jan Coppola Bills


    Thank YOU, Nancy! <3

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This idea was funded by Start Garden staff endorsement on February 28, 2013.