upSewn Girl

upCycle.upStyle.upSewn recreate tshirts & dress shirts into tops & dresses for girls

What's the big idea?

Create a line of upcycled clothing for girls. The concept is 2-fold: 1.Recycle tshirt/knit materials to make tops & dresses—I would like to work with a local artist to create silk screen prints to create unique items. Develop new patterns to cater to teens & up 2. Using men’s dress shirts to create a little girls dress—the consumer sends me a shirt to upsew, i.e. dads favorite worn button-down shirt to be upsewn into a dress for his little girl. I would like to have an online presence as well as in select MI city boutiques.

Describe the nearest player in your field.

The trend in girls clothing has been cotton fabric based similar to Matilda Jane and various small labeled lines. This is the venue which I began. There is an online shop out of Arizona that has this type of clothing. Target & Walmart would be big box competitors.

How are you different from that player?

Unique knit dresses are harder to find. I think between these dresses being unique (not on big box shelves) and being a recycled product, consumers will feel good about the purchase.

How's the world different with your idea in it?

I am always looking at resale stores & garage sales for shirts I can recreate with. This benefits the individual and community directly by me purchasing from them locally. I currently donate sewn items to charities/organizations & would love to be able to do more to support local girls.

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  1. Margarita Barry

    This is awesome. There’s a young lady from Michigan who used to do something similar, her line was called Lekkner ( and was pretty successful in its heyday. You might be interested in looking her up and connecting to pick her brain.

  2. Tarrah Meyering


    i just checked out the site. thanks margarita for the info and support!

  3. Tarrah Meyering


    i just checked out the site. thanks margarita for the info and support!

  4. Erin Mansour


  5. P. Connie Phothisan

    Good luck friend!

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